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    2022: “a healthy code for a healthy site”

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    WS is gearing up to get its hands dirty by cleaning up code across the webosphere🍃

    A healthy code for a healthy site

    A toast to eco(de)-responsibility

    What is the upshot of an eco-responsible code: Simplicity, fluidity and speed. Only pertinent code is optimized thanks to an insanely, smart and easy development recipe:

    0% outdated content
    0% unnecessary functionality
    0% data waste

    And…Tadam! Your code has completely transformed! 

    2022: The Unbeatable Lightness of Code

    If Claude Nougaro, a beloved singer and songwriter and nativeson of Toulouse, were alive today he would sing: “How far away 2021 is, how far away…”🎵 For WS Interactive, the past year brings back fresh memories of a new team, new partners, new projects, and also a newborn.

    It’s undeniable that in 2022 your website is not only crucial to your strategy, but also makes a daily impact to your users! That’s why this year, our goal is to offer our customers better performance and an even greater user experience. The recipe is more than just a New Year’s resolution. It’s a real, long-term goal. We plan to develop more and more by adhering to the principles of green code:

    • ⚖️ Maintaining a healthy balance in each line of code: healthy code for a healthy site!
    • 🗑  Removing unnecessary features such as non-functional cookies, unused widgets, etc.
    • ♻️ Updating obsolete content such as blog articles.

    Green code isn’t a brand new concept. But it’s about time that we, as in everyone, develop in a sustainable and ecological way. Want to dive deeper into the subject? Digital pollution is at the heart of the debate.

    There’s a multitude of articles on the subject, including this one: Le green code : mieux coder pour moins polluer.

    Keeping a green eye with project management

    Clean code extends to how we consult and manage your projects. We are kicking off the year with the following objectives: accuracy and pertinence. These objectives help us to maintain a consistency with customer expectations.

    Our customers are already familiar with our no-BS approach. We offer only the necessary features and nothing else. Once validated by the client, we support them to be as responsive and as transparent as possible.

    So, we wish you a healthy and a greener year for 2022!