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Published by Pétronille on 07/05/2019
nouvelle interface WS Interactive

At the dawn of 2019 and new digital adventures, WS decided to showcase its talents with a new interface. In completely and totally remaking our website, we really put our shoulders to the wheel to show you how we are overflowing with technical strength and creativity.
This article will show you exactly why WS jumped into this titanic undertaking, how our technicians met the challenges and why we’re proud of the results. Like getting a new wardrobe, we feel different, singular and liberated!

Yes...but why change?

Is there really a good reason to give our online face a makeover? 

Oui! At WS we love to be on top of digital trends. It was time for the agency to dress ourselves up with an interface that is stylish, contemporary and fashionable...and which won’t quickly leave you (and us!) bored.

No, it isn’t a whim! 

This renewal reflects our desire to evolve in tempo with innovation and tries to surpass and anticipate future (r)evolutions in technology. It’s an opportunity to be daring and use new technologies for the sheer pleasure! 

Whatever you want, our creativity is boiling over.

We have to sell ourselves, so we had to put our talents at the heart of our digital interface, to shout out to the world what we can do. This evolution is the result of our desire to create a website that best reflects the agency. It’s crucial to reinvent ourselves, innovate and have fun. We are constantly implementing our R+D at WS. Our interface is the showcase of our talents!

Our future is full of promise, of ambitious projects and exploring connectivity.

There's nothing like a brand new website to face the future. It's a transformation, a rebirth, a resurrection! Okay, maybe we went a little overboard there! Let's give the floor to the Papa Smurf of WS. Who better to talk about the new face of the agency?

Portrait Alex McCardell

“To remake a web project is an important moment. Firstly, because it assembles the entire team around a strong image and highlights our expertise. Next, it gives us a certain pride as web aficionados, but doesn’t forget our customers and future customers. It’s our way to better express our vision of the web, which never ceases to change and inspire us.”

Alex, founder of WS Interactive

Our desire to redesign arose from the observation that our earlier textual content was very exhaustive, but didn’t really convey the team spirit of the agency. We absolutely needed a website to represent the values the agency embodies!

In the end, the idea of a redesign will always be a graphic, ergonomic and technical quest: daring to take risks, putting oneself to the test and above all...having FUN!

How’d we do it?

With the help of the whole team, mon ami! Whether creators or technicians, we all pitched in with our expertise to produce a brand new website which makes us extremely proud.
First came the upstream work by Corinne and Alex, to define the strategy of this redesign. What exactly were we supposed to do? And why exactly? How to go about it? This research represented a not-exactly-miniscule challenge...

Enter the famous content strategy. What message do we want to convey? Our message is centered around creativity, high technology and our ability to support our customers. To be visible to everyone, we then defined the results we wanted: "Our site must be (very) efficient, focus on our references and give a maximum of info about our expertise and our enthusiasm for new projects.” These choices are not the result of chance:  80% of visitors are looking for projects like their own, so they can evaluate the WS's ability to support them.

Our strategy was to put the user at the heart of the process. We coupled that with different proposals for interfaces and graphic themes. It's nice to define them, but how do we deal with technical integration? What choices to make and are they relevant? Do we need to change the CMS or not? Yes, of course! First of all because there is a lot of typing!  And for updates it's a lot easier: anyone can take control of administration.

Before it was good; now it’s better!

WS is evolving but we are still magnifique!

Our positioning has changed completely. For those who have known us a long time, you can see that we were a web agency. We are now a 360° digital agency!


What’s changed:

Our personality. We are more assertive and proudly shout out our presence, expertise and talents.

The way we write. We adopted a tone that sounds like we do, that highlights the story of WS and which is a perfect mix of SEO and an attractive style. We are a human adventure, a team, and we want to share this bond with you. 

Our home. From the get go, the WS site focuses on our references, our pride and joy. This is a real structural change that aims to enhance the user experience. 

Our purpose. We have enriched the interface, especially with the blog, which we put on the site in order to go a little deeper, to give key info to our customers, news, a subscription to our newsletter...and so on! We even added a page dedicated to the team. O joy! You can now put a face to our artists and web technicians...

What hasn’t changed:

Our team. A lot of new people with diverse profiles have come on board to share the digital adventure with us, but our enthusiastic, innovative, familial, curious and expert spirit...that remains intact.

A few words from the team

"I loved giving a new voice, a new tone, a new personality to the agency through the style of the new site. It has been a very stimulating field of play." Petronille

"With the redesign of the WS site, I really put myself into the shoes of our potential customers. I wanted to focus to the max on content and the structure of pages in order to win new customers. It was great!” Guilhaume

"A nice project full of technical challenges. As always, it's a pleasure to work with an involved and motivated team...and Drupal 8!" Pierre Mourier

“The redesign of the WS site has been a very rewarding project. Especially using Drupal 8! It allowed me to improve my technical knowledge of this CMS. It was great!” Guillaume


And you, does all this speak to you? Because for does!


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