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Published by Julie on 11/02/2022
Comment créer son compte Google avec un e-mail existant



Don’t have Gmail? Not a problem! You can create a Google account with any existing email. Follow the process in a few clicks. 👇

1. Go on "Create your Google Account" page

Or click here!

Créer votre compte Google avec une adresse Gmail

2. Click on “Use my existing email address”

The next page appears.

Créer votre compte Google avec une adresse Gmail

3. Complete with your details and validate

As a security measure, Google will send you a six-digit code to the email address you provided. Copy and paste the code into the input field and click Verify.

Google may ask you to confirm your identity again by SMS. Indicate your telephone number and click on next, then enter the code received by SMS in the next window and validate.

4. Welcome to Google

Your Google account is almost ready!

The Welcome to Google page appears. Complete your date of birth and gender. Remember to add your phone number. This allows you to activate two-factor security or access your account if you forget your password. We strongly recommend it! If you prefer that Google not have your mobile number, be sure to save your credentials so you can log in again in the future 😉

Click next.

Créer votre compte Google avec une adresse Gmail

5. I accept the privacy policy and the general conditions of use

We know it, nobody reads all the fine print…but, hey, we warned you!

At least read the privacy policy and terms of service. You can even access the custom settings. Consider changing the settings on your web and app activity, ad personalization, and YouTube history, as they may or may not allow Google to keep your digital activity history.

Créer votre compte Google avec une adresse Gmail

6. Using your Google account

At last!

Don’t forget to check yes on the following: I accept Google's Terms of Service I consent to my information being used as described above… 

Click Create Account.

Créer votre compte Google avec une adresse Gmail

Tada! With this account, you can fill out our Google Forms, access the Drives that we share with you or leave comments on our Google Docs!


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