Online booking tool

Online booking tool
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During a recent redesign of a customer’s intranet, WS found it necessary to develop a completely new module.  As part of the R&D we’ve already told you about, the WS team has created a customized online booking tool.  Existing solutions did not correspond to our needs, so we rolled up our sleeves and created a new one!  More than one customer has asked us for a tailor-made, flexible booking tool, where one can book a room or reserve a car.  So, WS has done it!

This online tool is a source of great pride for the team, because it was a real technical and ergonomic challenge for our web engineers.  We’d like to show you not only how we created this tool, but also how it can be adapted and how it can evolve, depending on your sector and your needs.  Made in WS!

Online booking tool

Did you say a reservation module?

The web tool in question is a scalable and flexible booking tool intended to meet specific needs. It can be used to reserve rooms, vehicles, or anything else; our reservation tool can be adapted for whatever is necessary.

This kind of module, built into a company intranet using Drupal and makes communication and organization much easier….and faster.  The purpose of this tool is to improve the day-to-day work of company personnel by facilitating the administrative tasks related to reservations.

Features and needs

Our R&D center has been a hotbed of activity!  Focusing on the best technique without forgetting ergonomics, all of our talent was called upon to collaborate in developing a complete web tool.

Visually speaking, reservations are made with a calendar-type interface. Users can also have the choice of booking without going through the administration of the tool.  Behind the scenes, the stakes were just as important.  We applied ourselves to easing management of bookings via graphic and ergonomic personalization, as well as the automation of response messages.

And in reality, how does it work?

When accessing the interface, the user can filter their search by date or by room type. They can have a overview of the reservation calendar by month or by day.  The visuals have been designed so the user can instantly understand which rooms are reserved and for when, thanks to a color code.

While booking, the user has access to certain information about their reservation (date, time, room name, amenities, confirmation, etc.).

A reservation can be requested directly on the interface, using a form.

Made to measure!

Originally designed for booking rooms in hospitals, this tool can be adapted for any other project:  booking tickets, vehicles, etc.  The module allows professionals to simplify the administration of their reservations.  Many elements can be modified to make the booking flexible:  date, time, duration, room choice, reason for booking, number of guests, information on the person booking, and additional options such as amenities.

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Made in WS

WS is an expert in custom HMI and develops adapted, intelligent tools that, above all, meet your needs!  High-end and tailor-made for your web tools, capitalizing on the know-how of our engineers; it’s all key in creating a flexible and efficient reservation system, made in WS.