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For a better safety culture

The Icsi, for Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture is an association created in 2003 working to promote a better safety culture in companies.

Lcsi organizes meetings and exchanges between industrial security companies and trade unions. The association is carrying out important fundamental work: alerting, discussing, training and informing. Training is provided to improve employees’ knowledge and make them aware of the safety culture.

After being consulted, the web agency WS had the opportunity to support the association with a tailor-made digital strategy. This new project saw the birth of a new partnership to create two sites with distinct but complementary objectives.

An institutional site and a training catalog site

The first site is a thematic, institutional and educational site. The second is dedicated to the training offered by the association.

The purpose of the institutional site is to present the organization and its missions, highlighting the importance and the challenges of the safety culture for the companies concerned.

The second site provides quick access to the various training courses (continued education, online, etc.) offered. Trained people are more qualified and prepared to react and adopt the appropriate behavior. Training is the key to a developed safety culture.

Thanks to two separate sites : the association’s educational site and the training site with a more commercial dimension, the messages could be better targeted as well as optimizing the hierarchy of the content. From two strategies, WS developed the coherence of the image and the graphic imprint.

The two sites complement each other and illustrate the different missions of the association.

An institutional site and a training catalog site

As with every project, the WS team is totally committed to using all its talents. During strategic definition workshops, we design each template to identify content areas, user journeys.

The support provided by WS is global: from the organization of your content to technological choices through your brand image, WS Interactive builds your site with you down to the smallest detail.

We model your needs, those of your targets to design the interfaces that will serve your project, your business. Your site is the result of collaboration between your business experts and our web experts for a digital solution that will create the expected conversions.

Digital contributes to your brand image. We ensure an intuitive, optimal and pleasant result.

Your project must be a real navigation experience, convincing and successful.