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A corporate website with design adapted from its parent company: Flash Therapeutics.


New DNA for Vectalys

We're here to tell you that gene technology has not said its last word on web design!

Vectalys is dedicated to the manufacture of lentiviral programs for Flash Therapeutics.

Lost already? That's OK, it’s probably because you haven’t read about our collaboration with Flash Therapeutics yet. So go ahead and read that one, too. It will be way simpler afterwards.


What’s up Doc? We're pathologically digital

Biotechnology is a universe as complex as it is passionate. We had the good fortune to work in this industry with Vectalys.

It was imperative to re-think the graphic charter of the website to reflect the pioneering spirit of Flash Therapeutics.

Their content, geared towards a public of experts, is not only easy to navigate and visually up to date, but can be managed autonomously thanks to WS’ CMS: Automne.

Feeling better now?


The WS remedy

Our lab of mad web scientists once again gave it their all. The remake of the Vectalys interface allowed us to preserve the ergonomics and respect the graphics of Flash Therapeutics.

It now attracts more visitors because clients are at the heart of the remake process.

Keywords are positioned, and the FAQ and blog are bonuses for the content strategy.

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