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Highlighting the organization's know-how for surgeons from around the world who want to discover new surgical techniques.


The digital makeover of Medinbox

Medinbox is a start-up from Toulouse for surgeons: they film surgical operations and to live-release the video for educational purposes.

This innovative company is part of French Tech and hopes to educate surgeons on new surgical techniques. And that deserves a by-the-book web interface! 

CRMA - Déchets Nouvelle-Aquitaine

What're the symptoms, Doc?

To revolutionize current practices is typical of rule-breakers like Medinbox. WS understood that and wanted to help them make their ambitions visible on their website:

  • with relevant graphics and a suitable page layout
  • respecting and enhancing the graphic codes of their profession
  • deciding upon an effective SEO strategy

WS’ intervention

We successfully created an immersive website for the Medinbox team that focuses on the visitor and provides intuitive browsing, thanks especially to the menu.

Practitioners' expertise is highlighted by images and clickable slideshows. The colors respect the sector's codes and bring a modern touch to the website.

With the calls-to-action found throughout the website, the collection of visitors' contact info has never been better.

An emergency? Complications? Let’s go to the WS surgical theater!

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