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    Airbus DS – Sobloo

    Sobloo: so infinitely digital

    Sobloo is the platform of the European Copernicus project, a "space and back" program initiated by Airbus Defence & Space. Their website lists a seemingly infinite quantity of real-time satellite data about the Earth that users can download from an ever-growing catalog.
    Copernicus’ goal is to spark the imagination to find new environmental solutions for our planet.
    WS was totally stoked to be part of Sobloo, an "out of this world" odyssey.

    Some news from Sobloo’s cosmos

    The digital mission was complex and unique. The Sobloo team didn’t initially provide detailed specifications but their goals were clear:

    incorporating new functionalities that follow the evolving cadence of the project,

    using new ergonomics to create a consistent means of accessing data.

    Our intrepid team knew how to integrate the new Sobloo catalog while anticipating needs arising from future collaborations with Copernicus.

    WS, your web agency co-pilot

    WS’s solution? An agile approach that involves the client. The site is fully connected to the catalog and the Sobloo database.

    The ergonomics and design of the website make for easy, smooth, intuitive browsing for the user and simplifies the addition of new features.

    Flexible, full of passion and demanding about digital efficiency, our WS web engineers are perfect astronauts for the web design universe.

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