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    Rowling & Associates

    California Dreamin’

    Briefly put, Rowling & Associates is an agency of Certified Public Accountants specialized in optimizing wealth management. They charge only their fees, without taking commissions, and serve a diverse clientele regarding investments, taxation and financial planning.
    Rowling & Associates is based in San Diego, California, so the founder of WS went to meet them and proposed a makeover of their already fresh and stylish interface.
    They dived right in! Discover the hippest accountants on the web.

    How the West Was Won

    Whether it’s a simple evolution or a total overhaul, we’re committed to maintaining the continuity of your identity and supporting you with your SEO strategy.

    In Rowling & Associates’s case, the technical aspects of the site were quite classic. Our challenge was to  skilfully refocus the content in order to prioritize the group’s accounting and wealth-management services.

    The new site really gets to the heart of Rowling & Associates’s branding because the new WS-made logo perfectly reflects the cool and effervescent side of their team. The textual overhaul we performed has already boosted their website traffic. Wanna know how we did it?

    Everywhere, all the time

    Rowling & Associates’s online platform now sports a call-to-action button that leads to a photo gallery of  the team, to help clients discover who’s behind their accounting…one of many small but powerful and innovative developments.

    So no, you aren’t dreamin’: WS really helps you to establish, develop or boost your presence in the United States (and anywhere else!)…even if we’re based in Paris and Toulouse.

    Thanks to our international crew, we can support you strategically in English with the content of your interface. Advice, structuring your messages, SEO strategy, content prioritization, etc. Local and international experts, at your service!

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