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Dedicated to recruitment and job offers at the VOA glass bottle factory. 


Beaucoup bottles of innovation

The VOA (Verrerie d'Albi), a manufacturer of glass bottles in Albi, is no digital debutante. This was definitely not a trial run with WS.

What was the message in the web design bottle? The opening of an interface oriented towards employment and the company's workforce profile.

A gem for our agency, in love with sweet new opportunities to practice our creativity.


Voraciously connected

The WS team of experts are drunk with innovation and inventiveness.

We opted for the creation of an HR mini-website with great visuals and tailor-made ergonomics.  And the goal behind all this? 

Well, simply put, it was to create a smooth recruiting platform that values workers in the glass manufacturing community and presents job offers at VOA. But that’s not all!

It also makes for quicker communication between the company and job-seekers. A dry digital throat? Not for us!

WS takes the plunge

WS has been a privileged partner of VOA for its web strategy since 2002.

Our team gave an outstanding performance for the creation of this interface, which is annexed to their corporate website (yes, we did that one too, so check it out).

The result? A mini-website as easy to use as possible and a dazzling responsive design, both necessary strengths for an inclusive SEO strategy.

So, raise your glass!

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