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A corporate website to present the catalog of real estate offerings from the company database.


SAFTI opens the doors of web design

SAFTI is a French network of independent real estate agents.

They are experts in French real estate, and they don’t rest until they satisfy their digital audience.

Their new need? A web portal that allows visitors to easily and swiftly explore their offers.


Chitchat’ n’ Coffee

During our meeting with these real estate geniuses, we understood right away the demands of the situation. Here’s what the new website had to include:

  • multi-criteria research filters for polished results
  • regular updates
  • synchronization with the company’s database

WS gives you the keys to web design

Our web builders successfully met these expectations. SAFTI’s interface allows for autonomous and filtered searches of their extensive database.

We tailor-made each feature and optimized the SEO and CTA of the website to ensure smooth and pleasant browsing.

The UX is placed at the heart of the revamp process and guarantees an efficient website.

It’s a win-win !

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