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    Calliope Interpreters

    Calliope Interpreters, side by side with web-design

    Calliope Interpreters is a vast network of simultaneous interpreters accredited by the United Nations and the European Union. They wanted to promote their activity and network with a website that would provide interpreters' contact information country by country.
    We were excited to work on this project in association with the Calliope Interpreters and Dot Connection teams, which took care of both SEO and content strategy. The more the merrier, right?

    Putting needs into words

    Alrighty, it’s time for a round-table discussion! We all got together to put our expertise at the service of the project.

    First we collected various points of view about the project, then we created a decision-making committee with:

    a WS developer

    a rep from Calliope Interpreters

    a Dot Connection SEO contact person

    Disciplined and methodical teamwork led us to create a consistent interface that respects the structure of the initial editorial plan. Yippee!

    WS has not said its last word

    Our engineering team was able to emphasize the quality of our partners’ offer by highlighting their track record, their projects and the detailed CV’s of the interpreters in their network.

    Translated into 7 languages (including Chinese!) and controlled by the Drupal CMS, the website is contemporary, autonomous, and multilingual.  It even speaks the universal language: Digital!

    Wanna join the WS adventure? Ready when you are!

    Visit the site