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A digital A+

La Grande École du Numérique is a story of inclusion:  it promotes access to digital careers for people from disadvantaged areas.

Their mission: to provide qualified and quality training. How’s this possible? Well, because GEN is a label only certain centers can claim and also because it’s a State-sponsored institution.

With already more than 500 training programs in France, GEN put its trust in WS to enhance its offer.  A project that made sense for all our team.

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Honor Roll

For this remake, nothing was left to chance.  GEN is a (semi) public institution, which means there are specific conditions regarding methodology.  They also require a great deal of support.

Lots of advice, a solid respect for the digital environment, the graphic charter...the winning trio of this project. But WS went further, with a rigorous and in-depth development of features, tailor made with Drupal.  What do people want?  A connection to a CRM to get info about training, of course!

GEN phone mock-up

Congratulations from the principal’s office

We brought our strengths to bear on the content, sometimes given to us at the last minute! The WS team provided solutions so that the gargantuan amount of information is well-structured and as user-friendly as possible for all of GEN’s targets.

Users are, once again, at the heart of this remake, so that the search for training courses is as smooth and as fun as possible.  And voila, it’s in the bag!

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