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Office de Tourisme de Lourdes

The website presents the city and the accommodations, services and activities available at the famous pilgrimage site.


Lourdes Tourism Office makes the web design pilgrimage

The city of Lourdes is one of the great sites of the Midi-Pyrénées region and welcomes more than 6 millions tourists every year.  Not bad, eh?

It attracts an international public due to its renown as a sacred pilgrimage site. The tourism office website had to be up to the challenge of answering the expectations of such a diverse audience.

WS got that this project's goal was to ease visitor experience. Our goal? Making Lourdes Tourism Office the key source of information for the city.

OT Lourdes
OT Lourdes

Lourdes, internationally

For their website, translated into 8 different languages, our team immediately understood that:

  • the quality of the translations was essential for the office and for understanding their interface
  • knowing the targeted public and cultural differences between countries were fundamental for creating a harmonious and coherent website
  • static pages, blog and newsletter content also had to be thoroughly translated
OT Lourdes desktop

Interactive and intuitive: the spirit of WS

WS has worked on highlighting the assets of the Lourdes Tourism Office website since 2008.

To make it the key actor in city visits, our team created a multilingual, fun and intuitive map. It lists the city’s accommodations and allows users to book directly online without going through other interfaces.

With the agenda of activities and events of Lourdes, web users can plan their stay in Lourdes, thanks above all to the online box office.

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