Listening attentively, building unique solutions

With over 25 years’ experience under our belts, we’re constantly innovating to offer you creative solutions with expertise and tenderness. Based in Miami, FL, our collaborations bear witness to our constant drive to improve and enrich our offering a little more every day.

The core team

  • L Lucie

    In life as in work, communication is her key word! Lucie is joyful by nature, curious about everything but rigorous above all, and has forged a profile of a true jack-of-all-trades. Literary and technical at heart, her pen is now used alongside new technologies to accompany and refine your strategies. From SEO to Design, she will deploy treasures of creativity to sublimate all the richness of your project. And all this with a smile!

  • M Morgane

    Expert in project management, Morgane knows how to handle planning and budget. She will be able to support you in the reflection of your digital project. Accompanied by her Toulouse accent and her positivity, she will work hard to find a solution to each of your problems.

  • C Camille

    Camille masters the art of development like a boss. Armed with his keyboard, he has been developing, debugging and improving sites for over 15 years now. First he created his own web agency in 2007, then he pursued his quest for improvement as a freelancer for 3 years. His road joined that of Perles&Co where he sharpened his weapons and skills before joining our ranks. Real warrior in the technical management, only his children and his labrador are able to make him give up his weapons.

  • A Agnès

    Like WS (who takes care of their customers), Agnès ensures the well-being of WS. From accounting... to cupcakes and coffees (basic necessities!) to keeping the team ready at all times! At the office? Between two invoices, she makes sure that everyone stays well equipped... and well hydrated, because it's essential to be able to concentrate! On the phone? Her soft voice and attentive listening skills will reassure you, to better transfer the resources necessary for your project. Executive assistant? Exactly, that's her!

  • C Cécile

    Print and digital art director since 2010, she thrives on the challenge of leading interaction and visual design efforts with our clients and development towards results that meet UI and UX objectives. A true chameleon, she adapts to her clients' diverse projects and industries. She strives to take every opportunity to grow through teammates, trainings, events and online resources.

  • A Alex

    Directeur Général

    For "Papa" McCardell, customer and employee happiness are the keys to entrepreneurship. Always ready to listen and eager to build long-lasting partnerships, the boss is as disciplined is he is adaptable. He's committed to our clients and empowers the team. Long live the agency!

  • T Technicien masqué

    Because our agency can't do without its super back-end engineer, we also dedicate a small insert to him to celebrate his talent. This man of the shadows is a genius of web development, the invisible innovative force of the agency. Anonymous of course, but always highly efficient!



The unbridled enthusiasm we have for our work grows out of our enormous love for the digital world… and love makes the world go round.


We believe we can never stop learning.  Our goal is to better ourselves each day through hard work and finding the best solutions for each customer.


The WS team is fully committed and attentive to the details of your specific needs.  We will recommend personalized and efficient solutions. 


Step-by-step support

Collaborating with you during each phase of your project.


Listen & discuss


Let’s talk about your project over a cup of coffee…We are ready to listen, advise, guide and work by your side.


Analyze & create


Together we can design a tailor-made website that meets your expectations and objectives


Innovate & react


We will create a website that is visible to everyone, everywhere, with easy-to-use, streamlined web solutions.


Support & assist

After sales service

Parce que votre structure évolue, votre site aussi : WS est là pour vous. Reprenons un café.