Our Solutions


Eco-friendly and efficient, WS builds your site and App with innovation and creativity at the heart of our approach.

Website redesign & creation

A showcase for your structure and a tool for your growth

Would you like to enhance your brand image and increase your visibility?

WS can help you with your website redesign or creation project.

From WordPress to Drupal, we offer customized support to help you build your institutional or corporate website, showcase, extranet, intranet, e-commerce… and much more!

So if you’re ready to (re)invent your online presence…

UX/UI & Accessibility

Optimize your site’s user experience.

To convert your leads, you need to retain them!

At WS, we put people at the heart of our strategic thinking, to make your interface a practical, user-friendly website.

Beyond UX/UI, WS aims to develop intuitive and inclusive sites, with a digital accessibility approach.

Each design is carefully thought out to be both functional and aesthetically captivating. And always with a unique, made-to-measure “Wow!

So, how about rethinking your site’s user experience?

Mobile apps

A practical, intuitive mobile application for your business.

Would you like to create a mobile app to enhance the value of your services?

We create native mobile apps and optimized, tailor-made PWAs for all devices and operating systems.

Each of our creations is unique to meet your specific needs and create an exceptional application!

How about it? Ready to join us on our mobile app design adventure?

SEO/SMO & Overall performance

Enhance your business and boost your visibility on the web

Would you like to optimize your website’s performance and boost your visibility?

We create content & SEO strategies to develop your skills with tracking tools (GA4, Search consol, Matomo…). The goal? Strengthen your SEO and earn your place in the social media age. 🚀

So, are you ready to take the plunge into the digital arena?