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Our web agency puts its 25+ years of experience to work for your website redesign or creation.

User experience (UX-UI), customized design and technical features… Our team of experts will guide you through the development of your website, from strategic conception to online launch… and beyond! 🚀

Let’s work together to design yourmodern, high-performance and intuitive websiteto reach your goals!

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Why create a website for your business?

75% of people judge an organization’s credibility by its website.

… and more than 8 out of 10 people do some research online before making a purchase or getting in touch.

It’s time to make your identity shine.

A website to reinforce
your business

At WS, we like to think of your websites as the showcase for your organization and the tool for your growth.

So, are you ready to boost your growth by asserting your online presence?

Let’s create the website you need!

Showcase and corporate site,
extranet or e-commerce?

Your needs will tell!
Our aim: to create solutions tailored to the challenges of your business.

On WordPress as on Drupalwe offer customized support to help you build a unique, high-performance site that meets the expectations of your target audience.

Each of our creations is unique to meet your specific needs and propel your project forward!

  • Technical specifications
  • Conception UX-UI & inclusive
  • Customized Open Source CMS
  • Optimized & eco-responsible site
  • Follow-up and strategic advice


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Their website redesign and creation project


Why and how to (re)create your website?
The web agency responds!

What are the advantages of a website for a company?

Broader communicationThanks to your website, your communication transcends distance to reach a wider audience, from the French department to the international level… even worldwide. As your market expands, so does your growth potential!

Enhanced credibility: Don’t forget that 75% of people judge an organization’s credibility by its website! A high-impact site will help you assert your brand identity, making a lasting impression and winning the trust of your customers and potential partners.

Your products & services available 24/7: the Internet never sleeps. So your company and its products are always available online, to attract and convert leads at any time.

Easier contact : online chats, opinion and comment spaces… Your website isn’t just a one-way conduit of information from your company to your potential customers. With the right tools and functionalities, your website can become a place of exchange, interaction and sharing, to create a real community around your brand and its activity.

Data analysis: track and analyze the actions, reactions and behaviors of your site’s visitors to better understand the expectations of your potential customers.

A new sales channel: distribute your products or services online to diversify your sales channels, broaden your customer base and stimulate growth.

In a nutshell:your website will become the showcase for your business and the tool for your growth! 🚀

What are the advantages of a website for a local authority?

More effective communication: your website complements your overall communication strategy to reinforce the dissemination of your news and important information (contact, opening hours, online services…). In this way, your website makes an active contribution to your region’s digital transition!

Asynchronous service: your site has no office hours. Your information pages and online services are available 24/7, so you can guide your users through the process at any time!

Remote service: with your website, there’s no need to travel for each registration or administrative procedure. Thanks to your dematerialized forms and tools, your citizens can access your services in just a few clicks, directly from their homes.

Service accessibilityby ensuringdigital accessibilityof your site, your local authority is committed to facilitating access to its services for all its citizens, especially those with disabilities (motor, sensory, psychological or mental). Please note :digital accessibility has been a legal requirement since the February 11, 2005 law on equal rights and opportunities. Your web agency can help you comply.

Transparency: by publishing clear, accessible information online, your local authority adopts a transparent approach that can strengthen the trust and support of your citizens.

Citizen engagement: your website is a good tool for stimulating interaction with your local population (forms, surveys and polls, quizzes and competitions, sharing on networks…). Coupled with the right use of social networks (SMO strategy), it can help reinforce a sense of belonging, to create a genuine community around your community.

Promoting your region (tourism, events and businesses): a well-designed website can be a real promotional platform for tourism, local events and businesses, contributing to the economic life of your region.

Knowledge of your users: by tracking your site’s statistical data, you’ll be able to obtain valuable information about your visitors’ searches, expectations and interests. Properly analyzed and correlated, this information can become an invaluable tool for guiding future local policy actions and decisions.

In a nutshell:your website will become your values, services and actions! 📢

Why use a web agency for your website?

Consulting Thanks to its experience, the web agency can advise and support you according to the specific needs of your project, to help you define your objectives and choose the best solutions, tools, technologies and strategies to optimize your online presence. Are you struggling to draw up the specifications for your future website? Ask your web agency! Not sure which CMS to choose for your website? Talk to your web agency! She will be able to guide you through your project.

Expertise: the web agency puts specialized human and technical resources at your disposal for the design, development and strategic monitoring of your website, in order to offer you a customized, high-quality result.

Creativity and innovation : thanks to its watchful eye, the web agency is always at the cutting edge of the latest trends and technologies in design, development and marketing, enabling you to benefit from innovative and creative solutions for your website.

Technical support and maintenance: once your website is up and running, your web agency will generally offer you ongoing technical support and maintenance services (Corrective Maintenance or Third-Party Application Maintenance) to keep your site running smoothly and evolving over the long term.

Search engine optimization (SEO ): thanks to its experience, your web agency will guide you in building, analyzing and optimizing the natural referencing (SEO) of your website. Objective: to propel your site to the top of search engine results!

Ongoing monitoring & personalized support After your website goes live, our web agency provides ongoing support throughout the life of your project. Would you like to upgrade your site? Your agency will be happy to advise you. A new digital law has just been enacted and you’re not sure how to apply it to your site? Your web agency will probably be able to help.

As you can see : theadvantage of a web agency lies in thepersonalized approachthat it adopts to co-construct, monitor and and support you in all your projects.

How do you define the specifications for a website?

Visit strategic thinking and the Functional & technical design are two essential steps in any website creation project. Visit drafting of specifications (or “Technical specifications and clauses“The CCTP generally defines the project’s needs, expectations and prerequisites in a more or less comprehensive document.

Here are a few tips to help you draw up the specifications for your future site:

Define the site’s objectives: start by clearly defining the objectives of your future website. What are the expected results? Do you want to inform your users, promote your company, sell products online, improve your conversion…? Having a clear and precise idea of what you want to achieve will help you frame your needs and the future functionalities of your site.

Anticipate the site’s tree structure: try to structure your site into sections, sub-sections, landing pages or calls to action. Objective: to clarify the content organization and navigation of your future site.

Identify the features you need to achieve your goals: list the features you need to achieve your goalsthat will enable structure and guide your user path : pages, landing pages, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, search engines, filters, forms, online purchasing… This stage determines the functional specifications for your project.

Specify the technical requirements: after the functional specifications, you can also define the site’s technical specifications: compatibility with browsers and mobile devices, but also with third-party tools (applications, APIs, extensions…), minimum security conditions, compliance with legal standards (digital accessibility, eco-responsibility…).

Set timetable and budget : estimate the time needed to complete the project (including a “dry run” phase, to test your site and guarantee a smooth launch), then define the timetable and budget. Tip: keep a margin in your budget for annual maintenance (Corrective Maintenance or Third-Party Application Maintenance) of your site, which is essential to keep your site up to date and secure.

Define your expectations in terms of content: identify the content that will be needed to feed the site, such as texts, images, videos, and so on. Depending on the human and budgetary resources you can allocate to the creation of your site, you can then determine who will be responsible for creating and integrating this content (you, or your web agency, which can also assist you in writing and integrating the content of your site).

Once you’ve defined each of these elements, compile them into a structured document that will serve as a reference throughout the creation of your future website. These specifications will provide a solid basis for framing and guiding your entire project.

And if you still need help in designing the specifications for your future site… Explain your project to your favorite web agency!

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Accompagnement Design UX-UI

Accompagnement Design UX-UI

Convert your visitors into engaged users.
Our UX-UI design combines the art of the User Journey with an elegant and functional interface to create seamless navigation, all the way to conversion.
Mobile App Conception and Dev

Mobile App Conception and Dev

Opt for a Mobile First approach.

Our teams develop tailor-made web and mobile applications, adapted to your audience and your business challenges, to create a direct connection with your users and prospects.eurs et prospects.
Intranet / Extranet development

Intranet / Extranet development

Simplify your internal organization.

We design intranet and extranet sites tailored to your business, to boost your productivity with ease.

SEO Support

SEO Support

Develop your online presence.

Our SEO consulting and support service helps you strengthen your SEO strategy, to reach a qualified audience for your business.