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Bogey 2 Birdie

The Latest Golf Card Game!

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Miami and South Florida in general is synonymous with hot weather, beaches and golf, not necessarily in that order. But when the weather turns bad, where do you go to play golf? Before, unless you had screen golf, you were out of luck. Now, finally, on rainy days or in a hurricane shutdown, you can continue to play golf, albeit the card game. Introducing Bogey 2 Birdie Golf Card Game (B2BGCG). Right out of the eye of South Florida sunshine! ☀️

Create Your Brand

When launching a new company with a new product for sale, getting the branding right the first time is crucial. Thanks to a satisfied customer for a previous website we created, B2BGCG was referred to us to help launch their web design. WS teamed up with the owners from B2BGCG to build a complete brand and web creation based on only the existing logo and box design. When it comes to the web, UX/UI is a priority!

Through strategic analysis, we helped define the market and identify the key issues and targets with which the site would communicate. WS optimized the customer’s content to be SEO ready on launch date and provided the site with pertinent call-to-actions to facilitate the purchase of the product. 

Not just for golf lovers, but also for those who do not play golf, but love to play cards. One of our national pastimes can now be played in any weather conditions!

WordPress with Gutenberg for Easy Maintenance

To ensure that Bogey 2 Birdie Golf Card Game’s online presence remains as user-friendly and manageable as possible, we built the website using WordPress with the Gutenberg builder. This choice was made with the end-user in mind, particularly those who may not have extensive technical experience. Gutenberg offers a block-based editing system, which simplifies the process of creating and updating content on the site. Users can easily add, rearrange, and style blocks of content without needing to delve into complex coding.

The flexibility of Gutenberg allows for a highly customizable experience. For B2BGCG, this meant that their team could quickly and efficiently update product descriptions, add new blog posts, or make announcements about upcoming events and promotions. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface ensures that even beginners can manage the site with minimal training. Additionally, the real-time preview feature lets users see their changes as they make them, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing the overall user experience.

By leveraging the power of WordPress with Gutenberg, we provided B2BGCG with a robust, scalable solution that grows with their business. This setup not only supports their current needs but also lays a solid foundation for future expansion, ensuring that they can continue to engage with their audience effectively. Whether it’s a rainy day or the sun is shining, the Bogey 2 Birdie Golf Card Game’s website stands ready to serve its community with ease and efficiency.

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