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Web agency x CAPCIR

Capcir, a tech company specializing in the design and publishing of healthcare software, needed a website overhaul to improve the way it promoted its services .

The web agency provided tailor-made support to meet the specific needs of the Capcir team, from the design stage right through to the launch of this brand new, more modern website, adapted to the world imagined by their teams.

The home page of the new Capcir website, by WS Interactive

Capcir, healthcare software publisher for 35 years

Capcir is above all a human adventure born of a long family history that will soon be celebrating its 35th anniversary.

Since 1990, this Toulouse-based family business has been designing healthcare software for establishments specializing in mental health and psychiatry.

Their aim is to simplify patient follow-up by facilitating the sharing of medical data within hospitals, whether psychiatric or generalist.

With this in mind, for over 30 years CAPCIR’s teams have been developing

high-performance, ergonomic software designed to facilitate the management, reading and transmission of essential information for each patient, throughout their medical and social life.

With such a long history behind it, Capcir has established itself as a key player in e-health.

But historical doesn’t necessarily mean archaic! On the contrary, since the company has opted for an overhaul of its website, designed several years ago in the spirit of “homemade”, and whose signs of age were beginning to show.

Capcir called on the web agency to give its website a fresh, modern look, with a complete overhaul of the site… and a refresh of the graphic charter at the same time. 😉

Website redesign: a global change for Capcir

Logo, website graphics… a brand new design for a brand new website!

Modernization and personalization were the watchwords for this project.

In any site redesign, it all starts with a graphic universe. Should the previous graphic identity be retained or completely overhauled? Should we redesign the logo at the same time?

For the project to redesign the Capcir website, the answer was a resounding yes.

The web agency’s first challenge was to come up with an appropriate facelift to renovate this outdated logo… without losing its identity! In other words, to modernize the Capcir logo to give it a more up-to-date design, while retaining its characteristic features to maintain a certain consistency with its historical charter.

Résultat de ce défi délicat ? Un logo reprenant la structure du logo historique, pour ne pas dénaturer l’identité graphique de Capcir, tout en lui apportant une touche de modernité et d’humanité grâce à sa nouvelle police, plus ronde et douce à la lecture.

As for the color palette, the company’s flagship colors have been retained, in keeping with its historical identity. They are now combined with softer, lighter tones, to evoke the human world of Capcir and make the new site easier to read.

What about this new site? Let’s talk about it!

The evolution of Capcir's Charter and Logo: towards warmer colors and a more modern logo!

A modular website, with custom blocks and a simplified back office for Capcir!

For the website, it was important to make it more modern, but above all easily customizable.

As the old site left little room for quick and easy customization, it was essential to offer this possibility to the new one.

Our choice of CMS was therefore naturally WordPress, to give us the freedom to build and customize the future pages of the Capcir site, with complete simplicity.

Our offers" blocks, one of the custom blocks designed for the Capcir site redesign

But the customization of this project is not limited to its simplified back office – quite the contrary!

The essence of this project’s customization is expressed in its content types and blocks.

Home page, product page, club page, case studies… The advantage of customized content types lies in the simplification of Back Office administration and the customization of the design of each page type. And yes! Our aim is to customize each template according to the needs of both the design and the final content to be integrated.

And once the template is in place, page personalization can enter a new dimension, thanks to the use of personalized blocks specially designed for the Capcir site.

And it’s fair to say there were a lot of custom blocks for this project! A “qualification tunnel” block to direct users and prospects to the page most relevant to their expectations, a timeline, testimonials and a multitude of interactive blocks, clickable, hoverable, scrollable… Not to mention the many custom-designed styles to dress up these different blocks.

As you can see, the web agency spared no detail in following the guiding principle of this project : modernize and personalize.

But what would a project as advanced as this be without equally personalized support?

Capcir website redesign: key support for a successful project

The result of this project? We owe it to a skilful blend of consulting, technical expertise and listening to customers’ needs and preferences.

Capcir’s redesigned website is a blend of :

  • attentive dialogue and listening to the ideas of the Capcir teams, to create a world and a site that reflect their personality;
  • our analysis and technical expertise, to create tailor-made, high-performance solutions that are intuitive to use;
  • a lot of proactive consulting, to suggest the best in terms of content strategy and SEO.

The rest of the site’s story will be written by the Capcir teams, in complete autonomy… with the advice of your Toulouse web agency, which is never far away ;).

In a nutshell? A 100% customized, modern and modular project for the CAPCIR teams… and a successful Toulouse collaboration between your web agency and this local e-health company! 🤝

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