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Lifestyle enrichment through music!

Cultural Association

WS Interactive in Miami is a proud sponsor of Musimelange, a 3-act mix of gastronomy, fine wine, and classical music. Founded by French violinist Anne Chicheportiche, Musimélange is an alchemic balance of energy and harmony.

After meeting at an FACC Miami sponsored event, it became evident that WS could help Anne with her digital needs in presenting the concerts. With four concerts programmed per year, it was necessary to conceptualize a simple site, but easy to update annually.

Music, culture, gastronomy

Musimelange is a sensory event. The website, though impossible to capture the wonderful sounds, sights, and tastes from the concerts, aims to provide a visual glimpse into what you can expect from such a unique experience.

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Over the years WS Interactive has supported numerous associative endeavors. Do you have an asociation looking to improve your web presence? Give us a call.