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Harrison Health Insurance

Launching a website for the first time!

Tricks of the trade

Unless you are a start-up it’s more and more rare to see established businesses creating a website for the first time in 2024. Yet, it does happen for various reasons and getting your first website up and running can be challenging. Not just design issues, but content and functionality. Notably content.

To ChatGTP or not to ChatGTP

Writing creative and engaging content has been a thorn in many a customer’s quest for the perfect website. With the proliferation of ChatGTP, writing content has become much simpler and quicker. But what about writing good content with ChatGTP? Is it still just as simple?

We took it to the test, and found very mixed results. Using ChatGTP from scratch it clearly writes generic content, and though it attempts to employ lovely and amazing adjectives, the result is insincere and sans personality. 

We found results to be much better when we provided ChatGTP with a minimum of original content to push it in the right direction. ChatGTP is good for expanding on a specific topic to indulge the reader in more specifics if necessary. But generally, we recommend the adage ‘less is more’ and providing ChatGTP with an original synopsis which you can use to prompt it to provide you with a well-rounded, SEO-friendly, content. It can be a great partnership in the context. It can also proof-read for you, which is never done enough.

Logo and Branding

Equally important is the branding, and in some cases a new website may provoke the need for a new logo. Harrison Health asked WS to provide a new logo, business cards, and thank you postcards, complementary to the web design. The size and shape of the H’s were tweaked to be harmonious with the rest of the words and be able to stand-alone like an emblem. 

The entire design was done with the WS Interactive team in France for a unique website creation that Harrison Health can build on.

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