PNP Intranet

WS x PNP : development of a reliable and secure intranet

The web agency realized the development of an intranet for the teams of the Pyrenees National Park. A new web project with functional objectives, to ensure optimal digital communication!

Why develop an intranet for your internal organization? Because it is the web tool that facilitates the exchanges and the daily work of your teams! Private, this website is accessible only by the employees of your structure. The intranet represents a real advantage to fluidify and structure your internal organization. It is the network that the Pyrenees National Park needed!

Retrospective on the conception of this intranet, point by point, link by link… to create a link !💻

PNP : Pyrenees National Park

Spread over the Hautes-Pyrénées and Pyrénées-Atlantiques departments since 1967, the Pyrenees National Park is an organization of management-preservation of territories rich in biodiversity. The 250,000 hectares of the Pyrenees National Park are notably composed of natural reserves and exceptional sites classified as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO

Beyond its preserved nature, the Pyrenees National Park is also a territory rich in souls and cultures, with its more than 40,000 inhabitants spread out in about sixty different municipalities.

And it takes a lot of people to manage, animate and organize a territory so rich in nature and human culture!

The Pyrenees National Park is therefore also more than 80 agents in the service of a territory and its inhabitants.

Their missions?

Support the sustainable development of the territory to preserve its heritage (natural, cultural, landscape…) and pass it on to present and future generations!

A simple and practical intranet for your teams, by the web agency WS

In the internal organization of the Pyrenees National Park, there was a need to share news and events of the park.

But it may seem difficult to coordinate and maintain the link when such a large team is dispersed in the 4 corners of a territory of more than 200,000 hectares. How to maintain the link with the agents in the field, a little far away to exchange over coffee in the morning?

The solution: the design of an intranet to facilitate the distribution of information between teams!

The Pyrenees National Park called upon the web agency of Toulouse to create an intranet facilitating the daily exchanges between the members of its structure working every day in the four corners of the Pyrenees.

What did the Pyrenees National Park need? A practical, reliable and secure internal tool to share its resources, events and internal news with the whole organization!

Web Agency WS Interactive has therefore embarked on the design of a response to these needs, by creating an intranet designed to allow each agent to access the resources and information of the Park, quickly and simply.

An internal network developed for PNP teams

Our mission? To accompany the Pyrenees National Park in the design of this internal tool, combining security, practicality and reliability.

Mission accomplished today, with the successful launch of the Pyrenees National Park intranet, on their internal server!

Result of this team work between the web agency and the Pyrenees National Park :

An efficient production launch, carried out remotely on the PNP’s internal hosting.

A solid intranet (Drupal 9), secure and well thought out, with its simplified back office, with personalized use for each user profile.

An optimal distribution of information, between news and automatic newsletter: sent to each employee every Tuesday morning, this newsletter summarizes the events in progress on the territory, as well as all the documents posted on the platform.

And as a bonus:

Training in the use of the intranet: 2 training sessions for each user profile (administrator, editor) of the National Park teams, to ensure good autonomy of use at all levels of users! 

A reliable intranet accessible to all, ensuring the exchange and security of the Pyrenees National Park teams.

A new successful accompaniment by the web agency teams… for the Pyrenees National Park teams 😉

Whether you want to optimize your internal organization with an intranet, or develop your activities via a website or a mobile application… WS is there to create with you. Contact us !