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Consommer Parc Pyrénées Ariégeoises 

The web agency x Consommer Parc Pyrénées Ariégeoises : a platform for food and sustainable tourism in the Pyrenees

The Regional Natural Park of the Ariegean Pyrenees has chosen WS for the creation of its online platform “Consommer Parc Pyrénées Ariégeoises”. The web agency is proud to present this local and eco-responsible website for all producers, visitors and inhabitants of the Ariegean Pyrenees!

Between advanced cartography and personalized iconography, discover the backgrounds of this authentic website, high in colors and flavors of the Pyrenees ariégeoises❤️

Consommer Parc Pyrénées Ariégeoises : live and consume locally, Made in Pyrenees !

Covering more than half of the Ariège department (09), the Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoises supports and encourages the development of healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. Its objective? To contribute to the sustainable development of the territory, in all its dimensions! Environment, habitat, food and sustainable tourism… the Regional Natural Park of the Ariegean Pyrenees is committed on each of these aspects.

Managed by the Regional Natural Park of the Ariegean Pyrenees, Consommer Parc Pyrénées Ariégeoises is a platform that puts in contact producers, actors and consumers of the territory. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you will certainly find what you are looking for!

Its principle?To propose a large choice of products, shops and experiences certified “Local”. 

From local products to accommodation, including crafts: on this site, everything is Made in the Ariege Pyrenees!

The site Consommer Parc Pyrénées Ariégeoises proposes many food and craft products, as well as tourist services marked Valeurs Parc (trademark registered at the INPI valorizing the products engaged on the territory of the Park).

Doubly committed, the Park collaborates with the local bio sector and other eco-responsible labels to offer products from organic agriculture, as well as experiences under official signs of quality (Tourism & Handicap).

The daily objective of the teams of Consommer Parc Pyrénées Ariégeoises? To inform, orientate and guide its visitors to offer them a beautiful experience, whether it is human, gustatory or touristic… on the lands of the Ariegean Pyrenees!

A sustainable website for your eco-responsible purchases and vacations

In order to change mentalities and encourage local and reasonable consumption, the Park needed to make sustainable products, services and experiences accessible to everyone, in a simple and efficient way.

Our common mission was to design a platform that is both practical and showcase, to guide visitors towards more eco-responsible purchases, in line with the values promoted by the Park.

The principle: Convince each visitor that “Another life is being invented here”… on the territory, as well as directly on the site!

The main challenge of this project ?

To think and optimize the user experience for 3 different targets: tourists, inhabitants and professionalsall in a systemic logic creating a link on the territory!

The PNR des Pyrénées Ariégeoises and the web agency worked together to design a real cartographic platform to connect actors and consumers, on the whole territory of the Regional Natural Park of the Ariegean Pyrenees.

A complete web project, between practicality, UX and advanced mapping by the web agency

Faced with such a complete project, the web agency was able to deploy all its sense of customization and personalized support.

The heart of this complete web project?

A real work on the management and representation of data (data visualization) and the universe of the Ariegean Pyrenees Natural Park (iconography and personalized illustrations).

Our key tool ? Advanced mapping, designed for simplicity and practicality: 

For users, whether they are tourists or locals looking for new good deals:

A search engine with filters and keywords, to simplify access to all the products and services of the territory,

Automatic suggestions of everything around the targeted search (e.g. point of sale of a product), to find all the good deals nearby,

Itineraries calculated with the Google Maps API, as well as the possibility to define “favorite” points or to be geolocated, for easy orientation!

And even for administrators thanks to the CSV import to easily integrate a large number of cartographic points and their detailed files (points of sale, producers, accommodations, activities and leisure, or remarkable sites),

And to go further, there is even a connected space to facilitate the updating of data by professionals and partners of the Valeurs Parc network!

Result of this beautiful web projec ?A fully customized mapping platform, rich in colors and features to facilitate the life of users and administrators!

This is a new authentic project realized by the web agency and it is far from being finished…

Many evolutions are coming soon to the heart of the website, with recipes, guides and tourist tips.

WS is committed… to your side, for each of your projects! You too can make your websites
as authentic as your organization is 😉 Contact us !