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BSK Immobilier

The web agency supports BSK Immobilier: a double web project full of challenges

For several years now, the real estate industry has been constantly evolving in the digital sphere. In this highly competitive sector, the creation of unique and innovative digital media is a major challenge for real estate agencies.

With a wealth of experience in the field, the web agency has supported a new real estate web project… for BSK Immobilier! A new challenge, and not the least…the redesign of 2 high-performance B to B and B to C websites!

Between technical challenges and tight deadlines, WS x BSK Immobilier quickly proved to be a daring web project… A look back at this ambitious collaboration ⭐!

BSK : France’s national real estate network

BSK Immobilier is a network of real estate professionals (real estate agents, independent agents, buyers, sellers, estate agencies, etc.). For over 50 years, it has been facilitating encounters between professionals, so that each can immerse him/herself in a passionate profession, practice it with enthusiasm and build his/her career in complete freedom.

Its particularity ?A 100% digital network (buying & renting services without a physical real estate agency) with an innovative strategic model: MLM (Network Marketing)! 

With its team of 1,800 ambitious agents throughout France, BSK is committed to listening to the needs of each and every one of its agents, and to meeting the expectations of its network with efficiency and responsiveness. Whether you’re a future agent or an existing customer, BSK offers a full range of services based on real market and business expertise: legal services, dedicated tools to facilitate transactions, a business platform, training campuses, property distribution platforms… Everything you need to make your projects a reality!

As a specialist in a highly competitive sector, the BSK Immobilier network has to be reactive and offer a wide range of proposals on a daily basis. Our secret?Transparency towards its projects & customers!

An ambitious web project: between technical challenges and deadlines

With ambition and transparency in mind, BSK Immobilier asked the web agencyto undertake a complete web project to develop the company’s image and digital positioning. 

The deal ? 2 high-performance websites (B to B & B to C) in less than 10 weeks…a complete technical overhaul to highlight the values of the real estate network!

The challenge for WS ?A lot of technique and organization!

Short delivery times to tight deadlines & essential priority management, to optimize the overall organization and human resources committed to the project,

Tailor-made technical developments, adapted to the architecture of the tools, APIs and functionalities expected by BSK,

High expectations for the site’s technical and SEO performance.

In short, for this project: web development skills and adaptability required!

The entire WS team was committed to this project and gave their all to meet the particular challenges of this collaboration. The key to this success? The technical web expertise of its teams, and BSK’s availability and responsiveness… but that’s not all!

The Toulouse web agency also relied on the efficiency of its SME structure, with its local project management (monitoring of developments and feedback, constant communication in the face of an intense rhythm) and its web development know-how (performance tools: back & front office) to meet the challenges posed by BSK.

Web development knowledge shared with BSK Immobilier’s professionals, for a real technical co-construction of the project 😉=

Complete websites for BSK Immobilier: B to B & B to C

Over and above an ambitious web project, it was a real technical collaboration that took place to redesign these websites.

With its experience and know-how, the web agency worked with BSK Immobilier to optimize two completely transformed websites…

A technical partnership with mock-ups created in-house by the BSK teams and responsive, high-performance, optimized web development implemented by the web agency.

Connections with Api BSK: an advanced connection to Api BSK, to share real estate network data and usages!

The bonus of this experience? The use of the new PHP : Laravel !).

Overall strategic support for WS: assistance with SEO strategy and advice on optimizing web content.

Result : 2 complete websites B to B & B to C

Result ?Two technical, high-performance and optimized websites:

A B to B website that reflects BSK’s ambitions,


A B to C website tailored to the needs of the real estate network’s demanding clientele.

And all developed at the same time, with technical rigor, graphic meticulousness (because every detail counts!) and complete commitment!

Whatever your challenges, WS is ready to meet them! To discuss your next challenges and projects, don’t hesitate to contact us at contact us 😉