La Dépêche du Midi

The web agency x Groupe La Dépêche: a complete strategic collaboration!

WS gets into the heart of daily regional and national news by collaborating with the La Dépêche Group.

🔎 Focus on this brand new dynamic website, reflecting the versatility of the La Dépêche group.

La Dépêche du Midi: more than a daily newspaper, a large united group

For more than 150 years, the La Dépêche du Midi Group has been an independent company that concentrates its actions in two main areas: Information and Communication.

Many know it as a daily newspaper that has become essential, but La Dépêche goes much further! Over time (yes, 150 years means years to expand its sector of activity!), Groupe La Dépêche has been able to develop its expertise in many fields: from the written press to television, including through events, logistics and even sport (mainly rugby, because we love Ovalie).

Its know-how, its success and its longevity? The La Dépêche Group owes them mainly to its versatile and qualified teams.

The company could not exist without the women and men who train and make it, from the market teams, from events to the editorial staff.

In a few figures, the strength of the Group is:

● 1,400 employees spread over more than 14 departments,

● 460 journalists who follow the news on a daily basis (not counting field correspondents!)

● 4,990,000 readers / day

Players who allow the La Dépêche Group to meet current challenges, with versatility, curiosity and efficiency.

A web project full of energy, to revitalize the La Dépêche Group brand

To be able to illustrate its spirit and its values, between freshness and humanity, the La Dépêche du Midi Group wanted to revitalize its web image by emphasizing the versatility of its teams, at the heart of multiple sectors of activity.

The challenge for the web agency? Revitalize the image of this historic Group, to attract new talent and promote the diversity of its activities thanks to its new site.

A major adventure for the web agency!

Faced with the size of the La Dépêche Group, the WS team had to discuss with those of the La Dépêche Group to ensure that all the brands and the various trades forming the complete group were taken into account.

At the heart of the La Dépêche Group: CSR and respect for the environment.

Following discussions between the different teams, 2 key values ​​emerged from the project: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and respect for the environment (RSE Positive WorkPlace label).

And that’s good, because these are values ​​that WS seeks to integrate into its projects ❤️

In short, a complete web project and a new challenge for the Toulouse agency!

A web project full of energy, to revitalize the La Dépêche Group brand

We repeat: La Dépêche du Midi is a complete group… and its web project was just as complete!

Beyond the simple redesign of the site, it is a real complete strategic partnership that we have set up with the teams of La Dépêche:

▶ Global strategic support : advice on structuring the structure and positioning of the site, joint reflection on the values, targets and key points to highlight on the site ;

Complete site redesign : between design thinking workshop, UX-UI reflection, zoning, research & visual advice and final graphic design of the site;

Dynamic web development : built around the WordPress Gutenberg CMS with a fun backoffice (including many custom-built blocks to simplify internal content integration).

Optimization of the site : to go further in our field (like La Dépêche in its own!), we have sought to optimize the Group’s new site as much as possible, for smooth navigation & a quality structure (Green Code, Core Web vitals , digital accessibility databases, etc.) 

And a phase of tests-corrections and collaborative handling, full of exchanges, information… and initiation to transmit all our know-how… to these teams with diverse knowledge!

Result? A responsive, dynamic, solid & efficient website reflecting the teams and values ​​of La Dépêche Group!

A new nugget of pride for the web agency!

And you, ready to join our news?

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