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The web agency x Elements: a design and technical website

Need renewal for your website? WS answers the call! Recently, the Elements team dreamed of a breath of fresh air and dynamism to give new energy to its website. Neither one nor two, WS embarked on this ambitious project alongside them!

🔎 Between advanced design, technical web development and full support, discover the full extent of this beautiful web project, up to the ambitions of an expert team: the Elements employees.

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Elements Apps: software publishers and applications

Recognized by industry leaders like Apple and Oracle, Elements is the creator of powerful applications to optimize the organization of your teams. Their strong point? Streamlining your processes and automating repetitive tasks, to build a simple, fluid and efficient internal organization. 

More concretely, it is the software publisher that develops extensions to unlock the full potential of Jira and Confluence!

Their secret? Extensive expertise, constantly renewed!

No time to rest on what you have learned. Elements Apps works for the biggest: to guide them and continue to innovate, you need solid expertise… constantly challenged and perfected! The Elements teams are therefore experts and truly passionate, with a keen eye and knowledge.

Do you have a question about the Atlassian ecosystem? Elements-Apps will surely have an answer to it!

Its experience and expertise in its sector allow the company to provide cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs and issues of each of their clients.

Working with Elements is a bit like working with the experts of the experts, in a way! But you know what impressed us the most?

Their strength? A team of close-knit enthusiasts!

At Elements, the key to a successful project is having a team of professionals who are passionate about creating smart apps and resources.

But the magic that makes this great company a well-oiled machine is the cohesion that unites each member of its team. From software developers to customer support specialists, each member is important and brings unique skills and perspectives to achieve each of the set goals.

Their values? Because to build each of its beautiful projects, Elements keeps these values in mind, and in the heart!

Dynamism: Never remain inactive, and move forward with energy and good humor

Meticulousness: Pay attention to detail, to aim for perfection!

Accuracy: Make each interaction remarkable, while being aware of what really matters

Trust: speak simply and frankly, to share your strengths and knowledge, always with a smile!

A complete web project, from design to optimized development, by the web agency

These are values that Elements has upheld throughout its web project, since it called on the services of theToulouse web agency for the creation of its new website, with as much at stake as its ambitions!

The aim of the project? A site that’s more attractive, more innovative, more efficient and, above all, more SEO-friendly!

The challenges? Innovative design, numerous targets to reach(from prospects and customers to partners) via the creation of a BtoB platform and a space dedicated to partners, while guaranteeing solid, optimized development!

To meet the challenge, theweb agency opted for its specialty: custom development, for advanced, personalized functionalities!

Thanks to this redesign, WS was able to mobilize all its know-how expertise and experience to this comprehensive project!

Elements Apps
Elements Apps

An advanced, optimized website, just like Elements-Apps’ cutting-edge solutions

With the expertise of their two teams, Elements and the web agency worked together on the complete co-design of this brand new website . From overall design and graphic creation, to content strategy and technical optimization, everything went into it!

Strategy and graphic design :

● Strategy workshop (SEO, global positioning…)

● Graphic design (layout, graphic universe)

● Co-construction of the site’s tree structure

UX-UI consulting & support

High-performance development :

● A website designed to be as light and fast as possible

Automatic image conversion to Webp format

● For an end-to-end optimized website!

Enhanced SEO and UX-UI optimization :

● Content strategy consulting (SEO, keywords, text construction…)

● Insertion of html links on all article titles.

● Additional metadata to facilitate indexing

● Setting up anchors: for links corresponding to product names and links with article names,

● High-quality internal linking for good google boat understanding.

And as a bonus: an internal area for teams and partners!

A “partners” portal (with private and secure access), like a small intranet on the website, for partners to deposit and consult private resources, in complete security!

The result? A dual-purpose website (showcase and intranet) that’s stylish, high-performance and optimized!

Another great reference for WS, to take web performance to the next level!

Whatever the scale of your web projects, our web agency will be there to support you. Don’t hesitate to contact to launch your next project! 😉