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The agency web x Louis design: an innovative adventure in Toulouse

LOUIS Design, a Toulouse-based company specializing in wooden office furniture, needed to revamp its website to offer an even more fluid, high-performance web experience. The web agency rose to the challenge to deliver a new site that was complete, innovative, committed and punchy.

Here’s a look back at the long collaboration in Toulouse that gave life to this bold, tailor-made website!

Louis design: office furniture made in France

LOUIS Design is first and foremost a young French company that came into being in 2018. Conceived by three passionate and daring founders, LOUIS Design embodies a desire: to shake up codes and give new meaning to the way we work together. Let’s set off on a beautiful adventure in the forest that continues to blossom over time. 🌲

At LOUIS, we’re innovative, dynamic, passionate and, above all, committed.

Their mission? To create warm, made-to-measure furniture, adapted to every need, and respectful of the environment. ♻️ Production takes place in their workshops in Labège, not far from Toulouse. A guarantee of quality, LOUIS production is 100% French and respectful of the environment. 🇫🇷

Their plus? The strength of LOUIS is its team! Dynamic, competent, attentive and innovative, the team knows how to take LOUIS values to the next level. They pay particular attention to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and are constantly evolving to meet the new challenges of tomorrow. 💪🏻


  • 1.5M€ RAISED IN 2019

The Louis by WS Interactive website: creativity at the service of B to B

Our path has thus met that of LOUIS, to move forward together and apply our know-how.

The aim of this redesign of the LOUIS website? To provide a web experience worthy of the company’s spirit and objectives!

Our objective: to create a site that is entirely tailor-made for this company, which is adept at adapting and personalizing for its customers!

Faced with this project of great scope and high expectations, we set off for weeks of brainstorming and workshops to understand the issues, exchange ideas and come up with a strategic response tailored to LOUIS’s expectations. 👩‍💻

With WS, support from A to Z!

To create their ideal site, our web agency worked with the LOUIS teams, guiding them in the construction of a project in line with their values and objectives.

Comprehensive support through :

Strategic discussions and workshops, essential for understanding the customer’s objectives, sharing our ideas and validating solutions adapted to the various expected results.

● An essential creative brief, to define and imagine the customer’s universe, with its strengths, values and colors.

● A thorough design phase, in a spirit of co-design that generated many discussions! Because a website is above all the sum of the promises, values and imaginations of its co-designers (customer, agency and users) ✨

The result of these hours of exchanges, brainstorming and graphic evolutions: a tailor-made, innovative site, with advanced functionalities to enable companies to create the office they’ve always dreamed of.

An innovative and challenging web project

Where there’s innovation, there’s challenge! With the LOUIS project, WS pushed the boundaries of its graphic, functional and technical know-how.

After a design concept phase full of color and discussion, it was our technical teams who were challenged by the advanced functionalities imagined by our two creative teams.

The fusion of our business and technical expertise resulted in a site that is entirely tailor-made for both LOUIS publishing teams and fans of original furniture.

The LOUIS site is structured as follows:

● A personalized & intuitive Back Office, to offer a simple and fast administration experience to LOUIS teams.

● A space dedicated to architects, so that their imagination can give birth to new, original furniture.

● A furniture configurator, so that every seduced prospect can project themselves into their future LOUIS offices!

A symbol of the made-to-measure approach cherished by LOUIS, this configurator takes personalization a step further by allowing you to integrate your company’s graphic charter directly onto the selected furniture (logo, graphic elements, etc.). An essential technical element for building an optimal web experience for this project.

It’s a win-win situation: you can more easily imagine yourself in your future, fully personalized premises, while measuring your investment thanks to a quote tailored to your project. The perfect tool for planning!

But technology doesn’t have to mean a factory site! Because the Louis site has also been designed to combine performance, fluidity and eco-responsibility, in line with this committed company’s CSR policy 💚

The result? A totally rethought website, thanks to a modernized design, simplified interface and advanced functionalities… for an optimized web experience. 🚀

A project that the entire WS team is proud to have supported!

We’ve been with you every step of the way, from the initial contact to the online launch, and we’re still with you today! The collaboration between Ws interactive and LOUIS Design has a bright future ahead of it. 🤝

Are you ready to co-create your next project? To get started, don’t hesitate to contact us 😉