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API Provence

WS accompanies API Provence : a website committed to social values

After the redesign of API Résidence’s website, the Toulouse-based web agency renews its collaboration with API Provence to build an exceptional responsive web design project! A total support, between humanity and social values ❤️ Sit tight, WS and API Provence take care of everything! Let’s go to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region for a complete retrospective on this beautiful collaboration…

API Provence : from supported housing to regional integration

For more than 30 years under the sun of the South of France, API Provence has been promoting integration through housing and support at the regional level. A major player in its sector of activity in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the association offers housing support services for all (young people, students, seasonal workers, seniors, foreigners, refugees and asylum seekers).

More than just a housing integration service, API Provence is also a social action network with

50 addresses,

5 000 residents,

17,000 beneficiaries of aid and social actions.

Its reason to be? To support the right to housing for all!

Its motto? To put people at the heart of an original socio-professional approach, to offer better integration for all, on a regional scale.

Between the development of partnerships around project engineering, proximity management and social actions (such as the RSA, the MASP – Personalized Social Support Measure or the ASLL – Social Support Linked to Housing), API Provence is engaged to its region and its actors. Human values that WS is proud to highlight!

Humanity and social values, the magic formula for a successful web project !

To represent its daily social actions API Provence wanted a human and welcoming web site, in the image of the accompaniment of people in need.

Our objective? To build them a powerful and easy to maintain website to showcase the API Provence group (its brands and employees), from its spirit to all its various services (real estate, establishments, residences, accompaniment, training…).

The heart of our strategy? Revive API Provence’s digital image by placing its social values and services at the heart of the redesign of its website.

Our magic formula to succeed in this project? A lot of humanity and authenticity in the exchange between collaborators! As API Provence accompanies each person in a unique journey, the web agency WS Interactive makes it a point of honor to accompany each customer in the construction of a custom website, which corresponds to its needs and values … between desires and strategy!

Because yes, API Provence is a socially committed association that deserves a responsible website and a human collaboration. Acting for people in a spirit of listening, support and proximity, these are values that speak to the WS team 😉

In short, we have advanced step by step towards a design full of values, as we like them… ❤️

Humanity and social values, the magic formula for a successful web project !

The web agency from Toulouse accompanied API Provence in the redesign of its website.

Beyond a simple human exchange, the redesign of this site was marked by…

A technical support for a practical and performing website, built around the WordPress CMS:

Open-source CMS web development,

Simple and efficient administration thanks to the WordPress Gutenberg builder,

Securing the site with the implementation of forms, Recaptcha,

Respect for the privacy of users (RGPD) with the cookie manager made by WS,

Creation of ergonomic and functional design of a keyword search engine (linked to a large database!).

A redesign of the website:

Simple and welcoming digital charter, full of values (human and social),

Mobile friendly design with a fluid UX – UI.

An accompaniment in the content strategy:

Interface design, tree structure and user experience consulting,

Web referencing strategy, SEO advice and support.

All this with an eco-responsible design (long live Green coding!), because being committed is also being responsible towards our planet 😉

The result? A powerful and eco-responsible website, with well thought ergonomics to facilitate the search for support for integration and access to housing for all people in need.

An authentic project with complete support. This is a new challenge for the web agency which was able to highlight the social values of API Provence. ❤️

And you, what are you waiting for to revitalize the heart of your website? For a complete web redesign, contact the WS team!