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Groupe Jardel

WS x Groupe Jardel : un site web qui roule pour les routes françaises !

En 2023, WS Interactive trace une nouvelle route ! L’agence web a accompagné le Groupe Jardel dans la conception de son tout nouveau site web. Avec son design humain et sa conception full Green, c’est LA référence pour les professionnel(le)s du transport ! 🚚

Attachez vos ceintures, on met la gomme pour vous présenter notre toute dernière collaboration : WS x Groupe Jardel.

Groupe Jardel: France’s number one road haulage company

A beautiful, innovative and inclusive job in the heart of our French roads? This is what the Groupe Jardel advocates every day. Since 1983, this French company has been offering all road enthusiasts a responsible and humane job!

Its DNA? Openness to change and modernity, between innovation and adaptation to the evolution of society.

Its objective? To diversify by offering high added value from the vehicle-driver duo, while continuing to develop beautiful and sustainable projects, at the national and international level.

In addition to being a reliable truck rental service with driver for all sectors of activity, Jardel is also a successful group:

2000 employees,

2,390 registrations,

23 operating sites,

200M € of turnover.

Numerous territories of activity, tons of know-how and historical customers (Leclerc, Auchan, Casino, Lidl, Intermarché and many others), this is the solid engine that Jardel has forged over the years.

But do you know the essence of the Groupe Jardel ? Spoiler: it’s not its fuel, nor its natural gas 😉

It’s people! And yes! Because for the Jardel team…

“People are the key to development and success!”

WS in action : a responsible & human web project for an extraordinary job

Our main axis to build the universe of the Jardel site? To promote the profession of road haulage from a human perspective and to respect the environment.

On a daily basis, the Groupe Jardel focuses its actions on opening up the profession to everyone, with the creation ofJard’elles(to open the way for women to take up key positions in the profession!)

And that’s not all ! Jardel also follows aproactive CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) policy with the reduction of carbon emissions and the improvement of the quality of life of all its employees. Values that WS is proud to convey in each of its projects 💚

Gasoline 🆗, engine 🆗… Green light! And now, which direction to move forward?

Our goal? To strengthen Jardel’semployer brandand address the shortages faced by the transport profession, by revaluing and revitalizing it. Because a company that offers high quality services and trades deserves a quality website.

Our line of conduct? To capture the attention of generation Z by showing them that the profession of truck driver is accessible to all!

Our secret?Communicationat the heart of the project. Our team made a point of exchanging regularly with Jardel members. A plus for this collaboration which allowed the project to be carried out in a human and efficient way.

Challenged by the Groupe Jardel, the web agency rolled up its sleeves to build a double strategy, with the redesign of a website between employer brand & commercial Transforming the Jardel website into a responsive and optimized tool, to better promote the profession of road haulier, it’s WS x Groupe Jardel!

A website redesign from A to Z to chart a new course together

Much more than a technical overhaul, we offered the Groupe Jardel complete accompaniment.

Our promise on this project? A digital support from A to Z for a total change of direction!

Thanks to our web expertise and our know-how in digital strategies, we were able to accompany Jardel in…

The change of trajectory of its digital strategy: a tight (but well negotiated 😉 ) turn from a showcase website that presented the global services of the group to a dynamic website that promotes the employer brand, while focusing on recruitment and the feminization of the profession!

The total redesign of the website: towards a human & full Green website!

Humanity, a flagship value: a complete digital strategy, content management (with the Drupal CMS) and optimization of the new graphic charter (visuals, designs and photos reworked) creating a reassuring spirit … not to mention the connection to the HR API and our many strategic advice shared with the Agency Légende*!

Eco-design & Green coding: because as in transportation, a lighter site is also a faster and eco-responsible site… powered by Green values 🌱

Result? A CSR and dynamic website, with a fine UX – UI simplified by precise search criteria, to offer all trucking companies a responsible and human job, in the image of Jardel!

A complete project for transformations at all levels: the web agency that transformed the Jardel website and the Groupe Jardel that changed the image of the road haulage profession. 💖

A new successful challenge for the Toulouse-based web agency that has been able to chart a new course with this collaboration!

You too take the plunge and change your web direction: choose to share a piece of the road with WS and contact us! 😊

*Partnership at heart: for the redesign of Jardel’s website, WS worked in parallel with the communication agency Légendes, because we know how to surround ourselves as well to accompany our clients at best ;)).