API Résidence


API Residence: a concept of innovative residences for the development of all seniors!

Specialized in the rental of studios and apartments for seniors, API Residence is much more than a simple chain of retirement homes. It is a network of innovative residences, conceived and designed from a real reflection on the daily needs of seniors.

Its objective? To bring together all the ingredients to offer seniors a life that lives up to their desires.

Its promise? 100% customizable housing with attractive rents, to free oneself from the constraints of daily life and live one’s retirement to the fullest. With API Résidence, there are no unpleasant surprises: residents don’t have to worry about utilities, housekeeping or caretaking, so they can focus solely on the pleasures of daily life.

Cultural activities, cooking or gardening workshops, outings, art and meetings… From all-inclusive to bonus, everything is thought of so that each person can build a living environment that is as close as possible to his/her needs and desires.

Accompanying seniors in search of autonomy towards a home that suits them, between humanity and sharing. These are the values of the API Residence concept. Values that the WS team is proud to share!

Our values are your values: sharing at the heart of any website project

Yes, it takes humanity and sharing (and not just a little!) to build a beautiful communication project together!

These values have accompanied us throughout the redesign of the API Residence website.

Their wish? To develop the notoriety of API Résidence through its presence on the web, by highlighting the freedom and authenticity that mark the lives of their residents.

Our objective: To put this humanity and authenticity at the heart of API Residence’s digital image, to imbue its website with the company’s spirit.

Our keys to achieve this? Listening and adapting to our clients’ choices! As at API Residences, WS is committed to respecting your expectations and preferences. On a daily basis, we strive to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients to better understand their needs… while leaving them the power of choice, to build together a custom website, as close as possible to the expectations and advice of each.

Listening, understanding and realizing your needs are our super powers!

It is by exchanging, adapting and sharing common values that we have advanced together towards the construction of a more dynamic and human website! ❣️

Customized support to build API Residence’s unique website

Our motto? Customized support for an extraordinary client.

More than a sharing of values, it is therefore a unique and tailor-made accompaniment that we have proposed to API Résidence.

Our mission? To accompany them from every angle in the redesign of their website, thanks to our know-how and our expertise, developed in Toulouse for more than 25 years.

Our support for the redesign of their website? An all-inclusive offer, just like the rents of API’s residences!

UX Design & Content Optimization: interface design, tree structure advice, user journey, strong message recommendations, writing and specific and advanced SEO strategy…

Graphic design: total graphic redesign of the website with photos, designs and visuals for social networks, respecting the universe, the graphic charter and the spirit of API Residence!

Technical design: Functional specifications (definition of the functionalities for the future admins and internet users) and development of the website under CMS WordPress Gutenberg.

Performance optimization: speed, fluidity, weight and loading time of the site, natural referencing…

Follow-up, support & advice.

And the little extras that make this collaboration unique?

Print: brochure & Kakemono presentation of API Residence, to promote their offer and their values during events!

Editorial strategies: creation of a specific editorial line in line with API Résidence’s positioning & rewriting of event brochures to boost their communication with seniors, partners and families!

The result? A responsive website in the image of API Résidence: full of life and authenticity, with a touch of human and offbeat proximity!

And you, what little extras would you like for your website? To create or to redesign, don’t hesitate to challenge WS for your websites! Contact us to start your new projects, the web agency team will be happy to contribute 🙂