The Institut Camille Miret

The web agency accompanies the ICM46: exchanges and collaboration for better communication!

WS Interactive in 360° mode ! The web agency supported the Institut Camille Miret (ICM46) to redesign its website and its digital strategy. On the program: an accompaniment as we like them: step by step, from all angles!

Let’s go! Head to the Lot to introduce yourself to the Institute Camille Miret.

The Institute Camille Miret: a website to support mental health care in the Lot

A historical player in mental health in Occitania, the Camille Miret Institute (ICM46) supports people suffering from mental, psychiatric and psychological disorders, throughout the Lot department.

Its objective, since 1875? Co-construct the care paths of those who need it, in direct contact with the families, to support everyone towards a daily well-being.

Her values? Humanism above all: with respect, solidarity and benevolence, the ICM works to restore autonomy, (re)build the integrity of the men, women and children that its professionals support in their care and life journeys.

Values ​​spread by committed professionals, in the four corners of the Lot: the Institute Camille Miret is today…

> 13 reception sites spread throughout the Lot department

> more than 600 beds to accommodate patients and residents

> more than 1000 professionals specialized in the fields of social, medico-social, in the various fields of mental health.

Beyond the figures, the Institut Camille Miret remains above all an association carrying strong social and humanist values, a large team devoted to the well-being of patients of all ages, as well as their families.

It is in this sense that its website has been redesigned: to support patients and families in their research, questions and care pathways, even behind their screen !

Reassuring support mission: a project for patients… and staff!

To answer the doubts and questions of its public (patients, relatives and families of patients), the ICM needed one thing: a humane and reassuring site, in the image of support for professionals in the health sector. and mental health.

Our overall goal ? Restore colors, faces, humanity in the image of the Institute Camille Miret.

Our values ? Listening above all: to imbue our creativity with the spirit of the project, to put our experience and digital expertise at the service of the needs of the Institute Camille Miret. Our keyword(s): tailor-made and personalized support!

Our favorite tool ? For a project carried out smoothly, no secret: communication is the key! Communication (always benevolent!) and dialogue were at the heart of the project. Exchanges (emails, tickets, calls, visios and so on) are often one of the parts we prefer in our projects;)

It even seems that we sometimes indulge in humor, between two exchanges on the points and developments to come…, to move forward and think with a smile 🙂

In short, a project full of humanity and beautiful values, as we like them!

Complete support for redesigning the Institut Camille Miret website

Beyond attentive listening and benevolent exchanges, it is indeed a complete support that we have been able to develop thanks to the trust and attention of the teams of the Institute Camille Miret:

> Digital strategy: positioning advice, editorial line and natural referencing, content strategy, community management, etc.

> Visual identity : graphic redesign of the website, photo report, design of visuals for social networks, print, etc.

> Redesign of the website: Back & Front development – WordPress configuration, implementation of WordPress templates, rights management, data management (GDPR, etc.)

> Community Management: advice and support, writing posts, designing visuals for social networks, etc.

> Newsletter…: design, implementation and writing of Newsletter… and more!

Result of this beautiful mix of actors and values? A smooth overhaul and colorful communication, for:

> Bringing to life the values ​​of the ICM, between solidarity, benevolence and proximity;

> Reassure – guide patients and families in their life course, from care to everyday moments,

Bring together all the professionals of the ICM around a communication space that represents them, in their knowledge, their commitment and their key role in the care pathway for patients at the Institute Camille Miret.

Because that is also the magic of the web: bringing together in one place the backgrounds, values ​​and experiences of men and women from all walks of life, from the four corners of the Lot to Toulouse… and well beyond!

WS is proud to have been able to put its magic at the service of the communication of the Institute Camille Miret.

And it’s far from over!

At WS, we are used to planning for the long term. This great collaboration is only just beginning! So we stay connected, to follow the evolution of this beautiful project 😉