Tables & Auberges

Tables & Auberges: creation of an exquisite application

At the end of 2022, we concocted a mobile app worthy of the greatest chefs. Find out how WS Interactive cooked the winning recipe for an app that combines UX and location-based search.

Tables & Auberges: a new app on the menu

The Tables & Auberges Label promotes the know-how of chefs, hoteliers, food artisans and local producers. Its objective is to promote the hospitality and gastronomy of the French terroir.

Tables & Auberges is a quality label, which guarantees eating in an authentic place, which meets very precise quality criteria.

Tables & Auberges asked us to create a mobile app that could serve local gourmet craftsmanship on a platter. On the menu: geolocation, advanced search, UX and for dessert, React technology for the sweet-tooth.

Create a mobile app that makes you hungry

The challenge for Tables & Auberges was to give users access to the best of French and international cuisine. For this, it was necessary to concoct a mobile app that makes people want to go to an establishment, easy to use and offers incentives.

At WS, we started with an observation: telephone users today mainly use geolocation to find a restaurant in which to eat. Most often, they also check the rating of restaurants before going there.

With Tables & Auberge, it is no longer necessary to double-check the bill. All establishments have been audited to meet high quality requirements. We have therefore chosen to offer an app that displays the restaurants and accommodations that have the T&A label near each user.

And for an even friendlier UX, we decided to integrate a search engine with auto-suggestions directly into the app. For example, if you are looking for an establishment that offers cassoulet, just type “cassoulet” in the search bar. All establishments that cook what you want to eat will be displayed on the map. This is delicious good news, isn’t it?

In addition to the enhanced search engine for gourmets, we have equipped the Tables & Auberges app with REACT technology.