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Groupe Surplus Recyclage

Green code and an optimized website for recycled auto parts

This year, WS Interactive accompanied Groupe Surplus Recyclage to design its brand new site! The origin of this collaboration? Our shared eco-responsible values, the desire to create a light and optimized site. On one, on two, the team got started. But before talking about results, a quick presentation of our committed client 💪 💪

Surplus Recyclage: Occitane leader in automotive recovery

Surplus Recyclage is a company specializing in the distribution of spare parts for all types of vehicles: cars, heavy goods vehicles, leisure vehicles (motor homes and other typess), agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

Their main activity is simple : collect spare parts from vehicles of all categories. Expert for more than 15 years in reconditioning and recovery of vehicles, Surplus Recyclage is above all a family business which, thanks to its seriousness, has developed to become the leader of its market in the Occitane region.

Today, Surplus Recyclage has processed more than 200,000 end-of-life vehicles, 2,400,000 reconditioned parts and 160,000 tons of recycled materials. Beyond its family history, today Surplus Recyclage has everything it needs! To promote its expertise and its growing eco-responsible commitment, it needed an institutional site that lived up to it… and in particular its values!

It is with this in mind that Surplus Recyclage called on our web agency to create an institutional website promoting all of its activities.

The web agency mission: create an (lightweight!) institutional website for a large business

For several years, each activity of Surplus Recyclage has had its own website: the auto parts section has its own site, the agricultural or construction section as well. It was therefore natural to do the concept to enhance the soul / general history of the company!

Surplus Recyclage therefore called on our services to design a brand new website, from the skeleton to the design, including the optimization of the internal workings.

The strategic axis? A clean site, a showcase of the values ​​and working methods of Surplus Recyclage.

The values ​​to transmit? Expertise and passion (for a long time!) for their profession, and above all the dimension of eco-responsibility.

Because yes, Surplus Recyclage is an eco-responsible company. Because getting the best out of each vehicle, down to its last “breath”, is synonymous with real savings in materials and resources.

Always in this logic, Surplus Recyclage challenged us to create a light site, in the continuity of their values ​​of eco-responsibility. Thanks to the Green code, we have succeeded in this challenge. Discover how the Green code allowed us to design this site that is both light and efficient!

La création d’un site ultra-light grâce au Green code

The creation of an ultra-light site thanks to Green coding

Personalized and fully manageable Drupal, the new Surplus Recyclage website has been designed to be as light and efficient as possible.

Objective: fewer bytes on servers = fewer delays for users!

Our technique: green-coding!

What is Green Coding? The term “green code” refers to a more sober way of coding. If some coders tend to add more, the green code pushes to cut out the “digital fat” in order to favor lightness and simplicity. In a word: we hunt all the unnecessary features (and the corresponding lines of code) to focus only on the essentials!

Result: a streamlined and efficient site, for a successful 2022 challenge for WS Interactive! (reminder: our year 2022 was placed under the sign of eco-responsibility and the reduction of the impacts of our digital activities). A new technical challenge met… and a successful online launch!

And you, ready to challenge us? Evolutions, redesign, site design… Do not hesitate to contact us to launch your own project! Let’s discuss it.