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Parcours Ados 81

Heart-stopper for the website of an association helping teenagers in complex situations

Parcours Ados 81 (Tarn) is an association that supports professionals and those accompanying teenagers under duress, between breakups, exclusions and repeated life changes.

Values ​​that move the web curve

A human adventure, full of links? An immediate favorite. Not only because of our common links with the Bon Sauveur Foundation (another great story to discover here). But also and above all to contribute, at our level, to improving the lives and well-being of people in difficult situations.

A heart-stopping website reinforced by common values ​​such as:



Mutual aid

Between human and technical, WS is proud to have added its digital brick to the edifice of the beautiful work carried out by Parcours Ados 81!

Accompany those who accompany others

Who accompanies those who accompany others? If it is for a web or digital project, your web agency in Toulouse is here to help you!

And we don’t forget the creative and immersive projects! The design of the site has been specially thought out to symbolically reproduce the path of the professionals and teenagers followed by the Parcours Ados 81.

Objective: to imagine and represent (in UI/UX) the journey of a professional accompanying a teenager in a complex situation.

To build a human image full of sweetness, WS got involved in drawing real homemade illustrations! Expected result: a unique and human look, for a readable and engaging site.

Strategy, responsiveness, autonomy

At WS, we consider that no site is “too small” to engage in large-scale work: the proof with the Parcours Ados 81 site!

Simple at first glance (especially in terms of functionality), the site has benefited from real work by the entire chain of the web agency.

Support around the content strategy (tree structure, user journey)

Work around the Responsive course, a mobile-friendly design

And the cherry on the top? We hope to have designed an intuitive and simple site, for users and administrators alike!

In short : whether you are young or old, expert or beginner, the web agency supports you in your web or digital communication project, in Toulouse and beyond!

No site is too small to do a major job, and Parcours Ados 81 has benefited from the entire chain of the web agency. First of all, we accompanied the association in the content strategy to define the tree structure and the user journey. Then, particular attention was paid to responsive and mobile-friendly.

Finally, our goal is often to make our client as independent as possible. Thus, Parcours Ados 81 was able to take control of the monitoring of their site thanks to an intuitive and simple CMS configuration.