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OneStock, the preferred OMS for retailers, has a facelift

OneStock is a team of omnichannel experts at the service of all things order management. In a word: those “things” that help you connect all your points of sale and storage to optimize your stocks and streamline your sales.

Experts of the logistics, in short!

Combining visual pleasures of design and lightness of code

What can a web agency offer experts in organization and optimized sales? A readable and attractive website for an UX as fluid as their organization, of course!

At a time when competition is raging in the sales management tools sector, OneStock wanted to stand out from its competitors once again. Already acclaimed by retailers, the brand has decided to redesign its website, to renew its image… like the fluidity of its traffic!

Objective 1: Redesign the design.

Objective 2: Melt the excess KB of the site, for a lighter experience!

Combining visual pleasures of design and lightness of code, in short. All for a clean and light site, pleasant to see and navigate!

Redesigning a website for attractiveness and efficiency

The OneStock team was therefore looking for a web agency capable of reconciling interactive design, green code and technical efficiency.

Thanks to the empathy of our designers and the expertise of our developers, WS has risen to the challenge of designing a complete site, combining aesthetics and technique!

Bonus objective: SEO optimization. A challenge to lighten the enriched aesthetic palette of this new site as much as possible.

A rich and worked design is generally synonymous with “heaviness” for the site. Who says heavy usually says slow (we know these page load bearings that seem to never end…), therefore a penalized SEO… therefore penalized sales.

This was clearly not what we wanted! Neither one nor two, WS took the problem head on to optimize the site and its loading speeds as much as possible.

With a hint of cache management, and a pinch of Green code and Lean Code (calling the code only when you need it ;)), compression of images… The web agency was able to design a responsive and optimized site for SEO.

A project carried out in synergy between WS and OneStock

Thanks WS!…

But not only! Because the web agency likes to share, we wanted to send our congratulations to the OneStock teams. Between graphics, exchanges and shared tests, this project could only be carried out thanks to the great collaboration of 2 over-motivated (and well-organized) teams.

The key to our success? A good foundation for communication and a shared interest in this major project. Because good projects are organized as a team!

And you, when are you joining the WS team?