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Building a real wood marketplace

The National Federation of Wood (FNB) is the official organization that brings together all the players in the French wood industry. It acts on behalf of companies in the sector and its main mission is to be the privileged interlocutor of public authorities, representatives of the forest sector and markets.

The FNB also participates in the development of the competitiveness of companies in the wood sector.

This year, the Fédération Nationale du Bois (FNB) called on the web agency team at WS to modernize and facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers, by building together a modern and easy-to-use website, for professionals and individuals alike !

Boursabois, a simple site… apparently!

The tree that hides the forest:

Sober and simple in appearance, the design of the site hides many nuggets of functionality rooted in a well-thought-out UX and tree structure.

The essence of the site?

Enable industry players to buy and sell their timber in just a few clicks!

Certification, geographical area, product category, quantity available, list of species… Everything has been carefully thought out to create a smooth and pleasant navigation experience, like a walk in the forest 😉

Simplify a complex site for a pleasant user experience

Originally, the ads were posted on a Facebook group. Not the most practical when it comes to searching for an ad with very specific criteria!

To simplify all this, WS had one goal: to create the website to allow buyers to post their ads in a few clicks and sellers to quickly find references corresponding to their needs.

The primary objective ? Offer better visibility to players in the sector, while offering a simple, fast and efficient site.

The challenge? Design an intuitive search & navigation experience to make life easier for every user, from seasoned web users to the most occasional users.

Our strength ? Like the famous reed of La Fontaine, WS knows how to be flexible and agile, to circumvent the difficulties and adapt to your needs in all circumstances.

A website to guide you

The result of our joint efforts: an ergonomic, intuitive and aesthetic site, which allows all players in the sector to sell and buy wood in a few clicks!

Between flexibility, collaboration and technical solidity, the FNB and WS teams have designed a complete site for you to guide you in the search to buy or sell wood of all sizes and species.

And as a bonus…! All its features fit in your pocket, thanks to a responsive design optimized for PC, tablet and mobile! What more ?

Design web partner: MA&KE.