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Fondation Bon Sauveur d’Alby

Pampering the Foundation Bon Sauveur d’Alby

The Fondation Bon Sauveur d’Alby is an historical institution that regroups specialized health and sociomedical organizations in and around the city of Albi (Tarn, Occitanie). Its mission: to assist, care for and educate families and patients affected by certain diseases, disabilities or addictions.

The Foundation entrusted WS with a total website overhaul in 2011.  But in the ever-changing digital world, once is simply not enough, so they called us back in 2019!

Our new goal is to bring the Foundation’s online image up to date.

Let’s liberate the world of web design

With a history that goes back to the 19th century, the organization has accumulated an astronomical amount of information over the years.

In order to simplify access to information and to bring its website interface up to date, the WS team embarked on an in-depth reconstruction of their content.

Our primary goal: to ease and speed up the process of finding establishments for users. Ready ? Here we go !

All roads lead to WS

For this renewed partnership, WS’s web engineers gave everything they had in order to integrate.

The graphic charter : fresher, modern and evocative.

The structure : visually appealing, engaging and user-friendly.

The content : simplified and redesigned to guide the user properly,

The ergonomics : the UX approach eases access to information and offers intuitive navigation.

From now on, visitors can find an establishment close to their homes, easy as pie thanks to an interactive map with built-in search filters. May the search begin !