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Aréa re-furnishes its web portal

Who are the masters of urban design? Aréa. Period. You can find their attractive, innovative, and elegant urban furniture in cities everywhere.

The website remake focused on a better approach to content and a change in style. And at WS we are lovers of content-design!

Working side by side with Aréa’s design and management team, we rebuilt a savvy user-centric interface.

Digital art at the service of urban art

Aréa’s website was entirely revamped. It was a challenging and daring project because we needed to : highlight the innovation, modernity and elegance of the company and its products, pay special attention to user expectations for a quality reading and navigating experience, keep in mind future developments, notably integrating an upcoming e-commerce platform.

Our web engineers successfully built the interface by relentlessly focusing on performance and security. Dreams do come true!

WS re-arranges your web landscape

Aréa’s website is a web-to-store catalog today, but will be a sales platform tomorrow. How is this possible? In a word: Drupal!

Our in-house team of CMS addicts and experts developed special administrative tools to fine-tune our customer’s management experience. Autonomy and WS are synonymous !

Large blocks, refined menus…the company now has a website to match its brand: elegant, premium quality, sophisticated and innovative design. Yes sir !