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PMV Groupe

Exceptional webworthiness for PMV

At PMV, the interior design of aircraft (especially seats) is a matter of utmost importance. They are the experts in the field of airworthiness! As part of the group’s restructuring, they lost no time in contacting us to help give their image a makeover.

A great collaboration with longtime customers excited to make the web a more important part of their business.

A perfect example of what WS can do! Ready for takeoff?

A workshop where ideas come together

The PMV team chose WS because they knew that we can maximize the benefits of their website.

This didn’t prevent them from demanding the best for their interface design: it had to meet sales objectives and adapt to their digital strategy.

So, we made insightful recommendations, working in English over the course of the project.

They really appreciated our expertise. Because the WS team is, above all, about advice, strategy and support…with no half measures.

WS brings out the big guns

So how did we meet their expectations? Simple. We listened to them. From the very first meeting and in a dedicated workshop, we combined our talents to redesign the site and restructure its architecture.

Their interface now has modules to manage training, registration, pre-registration and job offers.

And you know what? PMV now has its multilingual French site, thanks again to our international team.