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WS Reanalyzes Valab®

VALAB is the publisher of software used by European scientists and biologists for validating analyses. This crucial support saves a tremendous amount of time because it automatically validates files. Designed by a scientist, the software has won over countless laboratory technicians and processes more than 500,000 files a day!

A clear, powerful, efficient, and modern site should represent this software with the dignity it deserves.

VALAB, of course, called on WS for a global overhaul! Who else? Let’s go!

Analysis & experience

At WS, a redesign is not just a hastily executed new design. We wanted to go back to fundamentals and do an exhaustive job of discussion and analysis. We asked ourselves a lot of questions. With whom are we talking? What are the expectations? How can the site guide the user?

Listening is a key strength at any agency.

We therefore brought in the diverse players of the project and gave them the floor. The objective? Identify all the issues, respond to them, without compromising! The key is to keep the user at the center of the process. How did we do it? Through the development of user scenarios. We tell lots of stories at WS. Our imagination and creativity are never completely sated!

The user scenarios establish the behavior of the latter on the website. This is essential for designing user interfaces. The scenario helps the team understand and focus only on the users’ goals, and thus make the interface as logical and intuitive as possible.

We give you the complete project in a dedicated Making Of.

Research results

So, in the end, what does it give?

We have designed a site that meets the requirements of all members of the VALAB team while knowing how to adapt to different targets (results of successful user scenarios!). The interface must seduce newcomers as well as return visitors, the sitemap structure decided must therefore be unanimous. A real challenge that is played out in the details. Fortunately, we are meticulous at WS Interactive!

WS has done a lot of strategic support and is proud of it. We brought our know-how to write quality content, a service that legitimately fits into our team. There’s othing better for top organic search engine optimization !