Fondation Bon Sauveur d’Alby Intranet

A new intranet for the Fondation Bon Sauveur

The Fondation Bon Sauveur Foundation d’Alby operates dozens of local healthcare establishments in the north of the Tarn department in Occitanie.  

Focusing on two essential medical sectors, public health and health-related social services, the Foundation treats patients in five very distinct fields:  psychiatry, deafness, addictology, disabilities and autism. WS has already had the pleasure of collaborating with the Foundation for the redesign of their website.

Today we are working together again, with the aim of improving their internal communication by updating their intranet and its features.

Between healthcare facilities and hospitals, it is essential that tools are both clear and easy to use, in order to ensure that communication between staff members is as fluid as possible.

A customized intranet

A modern and tailor-made intranet, capable of meeting the precise needs of professionals; this was a perfect challenge for WS!

Our mission was to redesign an intranet and make it relevant and personalized for each user.  We wanted this intranet to be practical and intuitive.  The user experience was extremely important.  It is an everyday tool for all staff, a critical support which must make both their work and their communication easier.  We made accessing information easy, without compromising on the aesthetics; personalized home pages for different users is only one example.  Small details make all the difference!

WS’ added value

We already knew the Fondation, but in building its intranet we faced certain challenges.  The biggest of these challenges was to integrate a specific tool in Drupal 8 into an environment over which we don’t have complete control.  This is the main problem when developing an intranet, because we have to create solutions that are fully adapted to the client, whereas the intranet and its day-to-day operation are not in our hands.

WS is able to work and develop cuting-edge solutions in personalized environments.  As such, our engineers were able to set up a web-based room reservation tool to facilitate management and streamline communication between the different teams.  To obtain a manageable, clear and concrete result, our team adapts to the client, not vice versa!  We are delighted, and so is the Fondation.

An intranet designed primarily for employees’ daily needs, which is both practical and secure:  WS did it!