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Inside Group

A new corporate site for digital experts

Inside Group is a Digital Service Company (an “ESN” in French) located in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, and Toulouse. The group offers innovative and complete digital solutions by supporting companies in their digitalization with specific services (cloud, data management). Inside asked WS to review and modernize their corporate website.

Redesign is much more than a simple makeover, there’s not only a lot of work on the visual appearance but on the general tree structure as well.  

With the addition of new functionalities we reconstruct the whole enchilada!

On the redesign program: 2 sites in 1!

The main challenge for this new project was to work on two very distinct sites with different tree structures but the same visual identity.

The idea was to focus both on a relatively classic effective and convincing corporate showcase site, and to work on an internal site dedicated to employees. Same identity for very different purposes. We picked up the gauntlet!

We listen. All requests, all ideas.  We adapt, make and offer, and the clients give the green light. From the choice of a suitable CMS (for this project, WordPress) to the small details, we collaborate to achieve personal, flexible, and logical results.

Result? Two effective, efficient and quality sites

What is the goal of redesigning a corporate site like this? To keep visitors on the site and propel activity, all the while enhancing the image and digital identity of the company in order to attract and convince regular as well as prospective customers. The redesign of a corporate site must offer a dignified and original digital visibility. The corporate site is an obligatory and essential investment for a company.

When it is controlled well, the operation is paying!

Inside liked our ability to meet all of their expectations, our deep commitment and the easy integration of the second site.

Offering support so that the customer is autonomous; this is the highly-appreciated “WS Touch.” The customer was satisfied. They will call on us again for future developments and for close monitoring. Inside Group has confidence in us, and we are delighted to be able to work long-term on projects that are important to us.

The WS team has the ability to adapt to the business environment, always delivering a quality project and always assuring as much security as we can.