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Cepheid Infomine

A brand new extranet to meet today’s major health challenges

Based in California and in Europe near Toulouse, France, Cepheid is an international company, a leader in its field: automated molecular diagnostics. At the forefront of research and innovation in the health sector,

Cepheid aims to offer rapid and easy-to-use molecular tests. Their main areas of expertise are virology and oncology, that is to say, infectious diseases and cancers.

By accepting collaboration with a major healthcare player, we quickly became aware of the important challenges that we faced.  To provide fully-personalized digital assistance, efficient and suitable for all employees working in the field. We bring a real difference for our customers, and therefore for their customers; the stakes are always high!

Our goal was therefore to develop an extranet for partners, distributors and employees. This extranet is a documentary database, a truly universal and global English-language working tool.

This collaboration meant a great deal to us. Being able to put all our savoir-faire in the service of such a project was both rewarding and motivating!

A large extranet and information by the thousands

For this project, our main problem was its scope and scale. We had to clean up and efficiently manage an incredible amount of data. We were dealing with a huge volume we had to learn to tame!

To do this we had to install robust and efficient tools which offered intuitive s and simple search options!

A true documentary database, a true EDM, this extranet makes it possible to search thousands of documents, marketing sheets, product sheets for all the stakeholders in the company, in Europe, and in the world. It is intuitive and fast. A well- configured EDM allows better communication, better exchange of information, and classification, as well as efficient and logical access to information.

A personalized and efficient extranet

So what was the solution? Redesigning with Drupal was the obvious answer. Drupal allows us to create profound, unique and original personalization.

Thanks to strong engineering and a good strategy developed by our engineering team, we achieved our objectives. We created a smooth user experience thanks to an ergonomic interface completely reworked to facilitate research. This working tool should also encourage occasional partners to return. This extranet was designed to please and reassure everyone with its practicality and intuitiveness!  Mission accomplished !