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Our web agency puts people at the heart of the design process to create an intuitive web interface.

User experience (UX), Mobile First design and technical features… Our team of experts will help you design your website and advise you on digital accessibility.

Let’s work together to design a site that’s ergonomic, fun and inclusive!

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User experience

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Digital accessibility

Why improve your user experience?

68% of Internet users leave a site because of a poor user experience.

What’s at stake? Understand what your target audience is looking for, so you can get the information to them as quickly and simply as possible.

How to optimize the user experience?

To guide the user’s journey, every page and every piece of content must be carefully designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Discover the trends for web agencies in UI/UX 2024 here .

The challenges of digital accessibility!

An intuitive and inclusive site.

Digital accessibility is part of an inclusive approach that aims to make digital tools (website, intranet, application) accessible to all users.

Digital accessibility is a legal obligation, and UX a necessity. We can help you with :

  • UX-UI design
  • Brand image and CSR
  • SEO optimization
  • Accessibility plan


Prêt·e·s à mettre en place une stratégie UX-UI ?

Their UX-UI strategy


Questions for your UX- UI strategy?

The web agency responds!

What is user experience?

User experience (UX) is a key priority today. Quite simply, it’s the visitor’s experience of your website. It’s all their perceptions and feelings when they visit your pages.
In concrete terms, the simpler the navigation, the more positive the user experience.

What is the user journey?

The user journey is a pillar of UX. It’s something you have to think about right from the start. It’s all about making the user’s browsing experience on your website a pleasant one, step by step. The aim is to understand what your target is looking for and how to find it quickly.

Why and how to create a user path?

First of all, you need to create a user path to ensure an intuitive user experience. A good customer journey results in a low bounce rate, a long visit time and an optimized conversion rate.
First step? Clearly define your primary and secondary targets.
Advanced knowledge of your targets is therefore a prerequisite.
Next, you need to define your website’s objectives, define its perimeter and build its structure.

How do you build your website’s tree structure?

A website’s tree structure is simply the structure/architecture of your website. It is built around several levels of hierarchy: the home page, category pages, product pages…
When the user path is well established, it quickly leads to a clear, simple and logical tree structure for the web user.
Numerous tools are available for visualizing a site’s tree structure, such as GlooMaps.

Bring your ideas to life

Let’s build your project together!

Accompagnement Design UX-UI

Accompagnement Design UX-UI

Convert your visitors into engaged users.
Our UX-UI design combines the art of the User Journey with an elegant and functional interface to create seamless navigation, all the way to conversion.
Mobile App Conception and Dev

Mobile App Conception and Dev

Opt for a Mobile First approach.

Our teams develop tailor-made web and mobile applications, adapted to your audience and your business challenges, to create a direct connection with your users and prospects.eurs et prospects.
Intranet / Extranet development

Intranet / Extranet development

Simplify your internal organization.

We design intranet and extranet sites tailored to your business, to boost your productivity with ease.

SEO Support

SEO Support

Develop your online presence.

Our SEO consulting and support service helps you strengthen your SEO strategy, to reach a qualified audience for your business.