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Fédération Française de Sauvetage et de Secourisme

Web agency x FFSS

The Fédération Française de Sauvetage et de Secourisme (French Rescue and First Aid Federation) currently has over 70,000 members. Proud of a long-standing partnership with the web agency, we helped them, for the 2nd time, to redesign their website so that they could keep their interface up to date and modern. The whole WS team put on its best swimsuit and jumped into the deep end!

A long-term digital partnership

The web agency and FFSS is a collaboration that began over 10 years ago with the redesign of their website, where we brought them multiple functionalities to meet their new needs. On the agenda for this first redesign? The creation of a centralized administration system to manage diplomas, licenses and competitions.

This first collaboration didn’t stop there, and since then we’ve been working on every possible support and improvement for the site! Our collaboration is so embedded in their culture that our CEO Alex McCardell was even invited to the FFSS annual congress in Biarritz!

Today, FFSS has 70,000 members in France and numerous clubs throughout the country! With a growing number of members and clubs, the stakes have changed. The website had to be redesigned! We’re back in the big time. 🏊

A complete web redesign

After more than 10 years of collaboration, technical support and small updates, we knew the FFSS site like the palm of our hand! This support enabled us to pinpoint the new graphics and technical features we needed for a second redesign.

The FFSS team entrusted us with the creation of a new design and UX. So we’re off to redesign! This is essential if we are to remain attractive to the younger members and revitalize the image of FFSS.

A facelift of the home page and Backoffice was called for, with a design tailor-made by the WS team!

For the UX, FFSS’s 3 key poles (find a club, find a training course, request a rescue device) are now highlighted to quickly transmit information and target members’ needs thanks to quick access.

The search engine has also been simplified, with a list and map view of the training courses you’re looking for!

And always with a view to facilitating access to information, we’ve created a video library with a wide range of documents available on a self-service basis and downloadable in PDF format! For the video library, videos are deposited on Youtube, which generates better SEO optimization to push their digital marketing & better performance for the website because it remains light! 🚀

But the FFSS website’s features don’t stop there…

Customized technical features

On the technical side, we continue to use our : Automne. Designed by the agency, it offers excellent security, the ability to create any type of site without constraint, scalability adapted to customers’ needs and rhythms, and affordability.

The FFSS website is not just a showcase, it’s also a powerful back office to help you manage your members! The playful name we’ve given this tool? The Safe.

Accessible only to the federation, clubs and licensees, it enables efficient and comprehensive management of the first-aid community !

This safe is the federation’s club intranet, allowing you to manage your members, buy licenses, view club statistics, create club competitions and training courses!

Members can use the safe to register for competitions, pay their commitment and find and enroll in training courses.

This safe is constantly evolving, and in addition to a graphic redesign for this version at the end of 2023, it is an evolution in line with the RGPD which is currently underway, to guarantee data protection for all users! As you can see, we’re constantly evolving! 📈

In a nutshell? A complete graphic overhaul of the front and back ends, and simplified access to essential information, with the federation’s 3 main areas of focus (find a club, find a training course, request a rescue device) highlighted. A modernized, better-organized safe for even simpler procedures!

We’re proud to have been able to come up with a bold, comprehensive response to the challenges facing the federation! Thanks to FFSS for their confidence, the adventure continues!

Whatever the scale of your project, our web agency is there to support you. Don’t hesitate to contact uswe’re here to help 🙂