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Aveyron Jeunesse

The web agency x Aveyron Jeunesse

The Aveyron department needed to create a website aimed at the department’s young people. WS once again worked with them to create answers that matched their objectives.

Web agency x CD12 : a new project in a long-standing partnership

The web agency and the Conseil départemental de l’Aveyron (CD12) have a long history of website creation and redesign, graphic design evolution and technical solutions. After creating the department’s website and those of its museums over 10 years ago, here we are again, collaborating on the creation of a brand new site!

The context: the distribution of the Region’s computers to young schoolchildren in Aveyron. Commissioned to work on this project, CD12’s youth department (whose full name is “Avenir des territoires, Mission jeunesse et innovation”) wanted to create a website to guide young people in Aveyron as they grow up, between orientation, extracurricular activities and personal questions.

At their request, web agency WS accompanied them on this adventure, so that innovation meets youth ✨

Here we are, creating a website called Aveyron Jeunesse. A great project, with high stakes when you consider that this website will be pinned as shortcuts on all the computers distributed! We’re now well motivated to go the extra mile for this project.

A modernized design for a “younger”, more dynamic website

The most important aspect of the Aveyron Jeunesse project: design!

This new project was the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate the design of CD12’s other sites. Here, there was no question of repeating the architecture or graphic elements of the Museum site: we were looking for something new and modern to capture the attention of the young target audience!

Let’s go for a modernization mission ! CD12’s digital graphic charter was therefore adapted, while respecting the pillars of the Aveyron department’s charter, of course.

The all-new site features pep, color and lots of icons to make browsing fun. We worked together on the content strategy, UX-UI and site charter to create a site that would appeal to our young target audience!

On the technical side, among the notable features of this editorial site, we have developed :

A “Quick Access” module to “pin” key links (FAQ, Resources…) to all pages on the site… so that young users always have them close at hand!

Content categorization, by type and theme, to facilitate page classification and cross-referencing (News to Pages and vice versa). The aim: to guide young people in their reading, to accompany them on their life’s journey… and as users 😉

Interactive maps, so that the Pôle Jeunesse teams can highlight colleges, but also places and activity structures that might be of interest to young people.

And above all… lots of possible layouts, to make reading and browsing the site more dynamic! After all, you need shapes and colors to capture the attention of these young readers. 😉

Personalized, comprehensive support for this project

To sum up, we put in place a new, fully personalized support system to meet the needs of the project team.

Firstly, from a technical point of view, by responding to their request with a Minisite Drupal solution, to pool the management of their various sites under a single CMS. While content and databases are separated, the core administration interface remains the same, for greater simplicity.

Then from an organizational point of view, by proposing an ambitious production schedule, to adapt to the computer distribution schedule, and deliver the site on time to its future users ;)!

And finally, from an editorial point of view, by providing advice on the editorial line, to speak to young people by “talking younger” through reading workshops and revision tips. (and yes, it’s not just middle-schoolers who are entitled to correction sessions) 😉

And let’s not forget: support in getting to grips with the site, because what would a web project be without its affiliated tutorials and user guide documents? To complete this project in the best possible way, we supported the Aveyron Jeunesse teams in the use of their Drupal Back Office, thanks to the many resources we created and made available to them.

The result of this great project ? A dynamic, functional minisite, highlighting all the important information needed by young people in the département.

100% tailor-made support to meet all the expectations of the Aveyron youth center, and unfailing responsiveness from the WS team!

Whatever the scale of your web project, our web agency will be able to support you and offer you appropriate solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your next project 😉