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Bouquetin Pyrénées


The web agency x Bouquetin Pyrénées web agency: a summit project

The Ariege Pyrenees Regional Nature Park has been working for several years to reintroduce the ibex to the French Pyrenees. To raise the profile of their actions, they’ve called on WS Interactive to add a playful touch to your summit observations. 🏔

The Ibex, a Pyrenean story

The ibex has recently returned to the summits of the French Pyrenees, thanks to a reintroduction program run by the Parc naturel régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoise and the Parc National des Pyrénées.

As part of the program, an informative website has been launched to publicize the Ibex and its return to the Pyrenean ecosystem.

The main concern of the scientific community? Ensuring the viability of the reintroduced populations.

But how to cover such a vast area?

With the help of a community of keen-eyed hikers! 👀

To enable hikers to take part in this great adventure, the Bouquetin Pyrénées website has therefore been equipped with an observation form, to report the presence of the ibex in the Pyrenees.

In 2023, the work of the scientific teams has borne fruit: populations are stable and the viability study has given way to monitoring the growth of little ibexes 😉

To facilitate the monitoring of this expanding species, Bouquetin Pyrénées needed a light, practical tool, easy to use both at home and when hiking.

And what could be better than a mobile app to fit this monitoring tool in your pocket?

In 2023, WS once again accompanied Bouquetin Pyrénées, to give a second life to this great project!

Creation of a mobile application for Bouquetin Pyrénées

The aim of this “redesign”? To refresh the design and create a new, more fun 100% mobile user experience, to encourage the general public to take an active part in monitoring the ibex in the Pyrenees.

Our main challenge was to create a real popularization and participative science application, to encourage the general public to take part in monitoring the species, thanks to the voluntary observations of hikers in the field.

To take part in this exciting project, WS worked with the PNR des Pyrénées Ariégeoises to create a practical, optimized application, so that every hiker can transmit his or her observation with ease, even from the top of a rock 😉

The result of this beautiful collaboration:
● A well thought-out, simplified and mobile-first UX
● Simplified, harmonized and engaging texts
● Relevant, captioned and streamlined illustrative visuals

At the UX-UI level, we took care of every detail to simplify navigation for users (and contributors to the Ibex follow-up 😉 ):

● The heart of the application can be accessed directly from the home page: its interactive map, which lets you place your observation point with a single click;

● The interactive map features 2 map backgrounds: 1 Google Maps and 1 IGN, to make it easier for hikers orienting themselves using an IGN map.

● When activated and authorized, the phone’s geolocation feature provides live information on the user’s position, to place the observation point as accurately as possible.

And to facilitate the work of the monitoring teams, we have implemented:

● A minimum zoom system that blocks the placement of the location point if the map is not zoomed sufficiently, to ensure accurate location of the observations made ;

● Uploading of files (even heavy ones!), to complete the reporting file with photos, videos, or any other evidence specifying the observation entered in the form!

So it’s a light but comprehensive mobile app that we’ve designed for the Bouquetin Pyrénées project. A mobile application powered by PWA technology, for a well-optimized app!

A web application (PWA) for the ibex in the Pyrenees

For this project, the creation of a Progressive Web Application (PWA) put our expertise and new market technologies at the service of ibex tracking!

The aim was to distribute the content on cell phones, on the Store (download) and on the web, so that it could be used both in the classroom and when hiking.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done, thanks to our Progressive Web Application (PWA).

Its main advantages? It enables optimal adaptation of content and can be consulted on a wide range of media (PC, Tablet, Mobile…) thanks to web browsers. It’s also less expensive than a native application, since the code used is the same for Android and IOS.

But the advantages of PWA don’t stop there!

● Lightweight
● Optimized performance
● Enhanced SEO…

Discover all the advantages of the web app in our blog post !

The result of this beautiful project? A simple, inclusive and accessible web application, with a touch of modern graphic design, but above all, technical sophistication!

It’s a collaboration between the web agency and Bouquetin Pyrénées that looks set to continue for many years to come. 🤝
Coming soon: further developments to simplify the sending of your observations, even when you can’t get a signal at the top of your rock 😉

What about you? Ready to embark on the web/mobile application adventure? Contact us to discuss it! 😊