a strategic approach

Visibility and good positioning of your site in search engine results requires strategic analysis, editorial advice and regular monitoring. Being number one (or even zero) in your prospects’ searches is what SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is all about.

Good SEO is generally associated with good content. The performance of your content is therefore a lever for obtaining qualified traffic and better positioning.

But the link between semantic structures and site content is constantly evolving.
With the aim of improving and sustaining our advice and reports, we often make a series of editorial recommendations. Our advice on hierarchy and vocabulary takes into account not only your content, but also your competition and backlinks.

Finally, beyond keywords, we use precise objectives to create semantic cocoons that make sense to your visitors.


The analysis of SEO results is based on a multitude of criteria to determine the actions necessary for progress.

  • Traffic statistics
  • Site positioning on search engines
  • Crawl urls indexed by search engines
  • Analysis of your pages’ semantics
  • Internal mesh study
  • Study of external links (backlinks)
  • Analysis of targeted key expressions
  • In-depth study of your users’ preferred queries

All in all, it’s also a question of better understanding the behavior of visitors to your site, depending on where they come from, so that you can serve them appropriate content and a site that’s adapted to their needs. What’s more, this enables us to work on the vocabulary used on your site, both to develop the use of expressions and to use them strategically.

Our offer

The success of your SEO thus depends on its ongoing evaluation.

That’s why WS Interactive, a web agency in Toulouse, offers you various monthly reports. These reports, combined with detailed analyses, are designed to meet your needs and keep your positioning up to date. We’ll help you choose the right terms, and monitor and track your site’s progress on the search engines.

Our monthly reports include :

  • Traffic study
  • A study of your positioning
  • Site content study