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The crazier we get for the web, the more creative we become!

Will the real WS please stand up?

More than just a company, we are a family of colorful artists with an insatiable appetite for web challenges. The WS team is loving / ingenious / liberated / visionary / full of coffee / invested / attentive and eager to take part in your digital odyssey.

Your project is our project, your success our priority. We will dedicate our talents and enthusiasm to give your digital story a happy ending. Take a peep at the WS family...


Masked Developer

Back-end Developer since...forever

Because WS cannot do without its super Back-end engineer, we’ve created this small insert to celebrate his talent. This shadow man is a web development genius...the innovative, invisible force behind the agency.  Anonymous, sure!  But always high-performance!



Front-End Developer since September 2017

As a web integrator he develops, codes, designs a bit and most of all, promotes the UX...all by his lonesome! He’s a stubborn, creative and rational eccentric who implements your technical specifications and integrates the design of our websites with a special personal touch: "standard" and "common" aren’t part of his vocabulary.

Morgane Bonet

Morgane Bonet

Chargée de Projet depuis décembre 2020

 Experte en gestion de projet, Morgane sait manier planning et budget. Elle pourra vous épauler dans la réflexion de votre projet digital. Accompagnée de son accent toulousain et de sa positivité, elle se démènera pour trouver une solution à chacune de vos problématiques.



Code Wizard since August 2021

Behind the wily smile is a person who loves to solve problems and has a knack for investigating stealthy code issues.  In a recent past life, he managed logistics at Airbus.  But he found his passion in programming, and as an Opquast certified programmer, his code is impeccable.  In his spare time, he works in his metal workshop crafting and soldering his mind’s desires – from a vertical barbecue to furniture. 



Art Director since September 2021

Print and digital art director since 2010, she thrives on the challenge of leading interaction and visual design efforts with product and development staff toward results that meet our customer’ request and UX goals.. A true chameleon, she adapts to the various projects and sectors of activity of our clients. She strives to take every opportunity to grow through teammates, trainings, industry events and online resources.



Project Manager since October 2021

For Lucie, the key word in work and life is: Communication.  Lucie forged a profile as a jack-of-all-trades – curious about everything, but rigorous above-all.  As a techie and a literary at heart, her skills are put to good use covering new tech and boosting and refining client strategies. By digging deep into SEO and design, Lucie unearths treasures  of creativity hidden in client projects.  And all this with a smile! 

Office manager

Office Manager incognito

Responsible for top secret missions since October 2021

The WS team takes care of their clients – but who takes care of the WS team?  [drum roll]...Our anonymous office manager.  He likes to think of himself as someone who changes light bulbs figuratively and literally.  He enjoys brainstorming with team members and dreaming up ideas on new projects. But back on earth, he’s dedicated to making sure operations at WS run smoothly. 



Responsible for top secret missions since January 2022

Camille is a true master in the art of development. Armed with his keyboard, he has been developing, debugging and improving sites for over 15 years. Camille founded his own web agency in 2007, and continued his quest for improvement as a freelancer for three years. His path led him to join Perles&Co, where he sharpened his weapons and his skills, before joining our ranks. As a warrior in technical management, he can only be disarmed by his kids and labrador.

Alex McCardell

Alex McCardell

CEO since October 1997

For "Papa" McCardell, customer and employee happiness are the keys to entrepreneurship. Always ready to listen and eager to build long-lasting partnerships, the boss is as disciplined is he is adaptable.  He's committed to our clients and empowers the team. Long live the agency!

Web agency of proximity!

Because we are committed to staying close to you, WS can be found in the heart of Toulouse.


Thank you, Toulouse

Our web agency was built and has been growing in "la ville rose" since 1997. WS stays close to its customers, yet is always eager to explore new playgrounds. For us, the sky's the limit!

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