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Institut de Formation aux Métiers de la Santé - IFMS

The IFMS website introduces the organization in conjunction with the opening of a new building.


The IFMS catches the web design bug

The Institut de Formation aux Métiers de la Santé (Training Institute for Health Professionals) is an independent training facility for future nurses and nursing assistants.

And in January 2016…Tadaa! They opened a brand new building and had the idea of promoting their training facility and programs on a unique portal. 

The IFMS team chose WS for the original creation, and we did everything we could to make them proud. High five!


Prevention and healing: the key to success

If digital technology is like a virus, WS wants to spread it online with cool projects like the IMFS. So, what exactly did they need?

  • to promote the excellence of their organization and training courses to a large audience
  • to optimize its referencing to entice young people to register for their classes

SEO strategy and local administration of content.  Oh yeah!

Let WS take care of you

At WS, we like to find tailor-made and effective treatments for our patients....erm...clients. Sorry! So we created a logo and a graphic charter for the IFMS website that is consistent and cross-supported.

Content is structured and answers users' needs and appeals to their way of thinking. Moreover the Automne CMS allows for the easy integration of new content.

Attracting future students and encouraging them to register has never been so modern. 

Piece of cake!

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